When is sexual harassment ever okay?

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When is sexual harassment ever okay?


Yesterday the big news story was about sexual harassment, from politicians to Hollywood’s big wigs, it is happening all across this country, more and more.


We found out that Republican Senator Bryce Marlatt has just resigned after being accused of sexually assaulting a female Uber driver.


Then it came out that Hollywood big wig, Harvey Weinstein had not only done this once but it’s now coming to light that this was an on going thing for him.

He used his power as a famous Hollywood movie producer to do this time and time again.


He held the power to make or break these women’s careers and what makes it worse is his intimidation, whether physical, emotional, or professional. As the perpetrator, he threatened the well-being of the victim, for them it was their careers.


Men like these assume that, because of customs in corporations, or their status and power, that no one will challenge their actions. But these brave women are bringing to light the dark and disgusting facts of these men.


It seems like more and more Hollywood actress are coming forward with their stories and the scandal has seemingly rocked the entertainment business despite the fact that so many claim to have known about Mr. Weinstein’s sexual harassment and lecherous doings.


Actress Jamie Lee Curtis spoke out against famed fashion designer Donna Karan, who recently defended Weinstein, saying his alleged victims might have been “asking for it.”


Curtis asked how a “fellow woman” who has “made her living dressing famous women in tight, sexy dresses” could “throw these brave women under the bus in a weird, mean girl version of slut shaming.”


It’s the same old version of the “good olde boys club” that has been around for centuries. Men in power, using it to victimize women into doing what they want them to do.


But hell why should we be shocked when our own president talked about his power and how he got away with grabbing women by their pussys…really? And this is okay how?


This kind of abusive towards women is never okay, this is why we have such a growing number of physical and mental abusers out there, this whole mentality that it’s okay…well if the president can do it, so can I, is sickening.


It’s not okay nor will it ever be okay!! What is wrong with you people? What is going on with the world that would ever make this kind of thing okay and what really makes me sick is when a women like Donna Karan says “she asked for it” really? They asked to be treated like a piece of meat? They asked to be degraded? They asked to be man handled? Have you lost your frigging mind Ms. Karan?


You obviously have never been sexually abused, you obviously have never been in a abusive relationship,  you obviously have never lived in the real world where a man thought he had a right to do or say something to make you feel uncomfortable, how big is that rock you’ve been living under?


We need to stand up, we need our voices heard… this is not okay, we will no longer accept this kind of behavior, we need tougher laws, longer sentences, bigger penalties so these types of men will think twice about doing this again.


Sexual harassment, verbal or physical abuse, rape, molestation and any other kind of demeaning acts against women is not okay and we need to be the voice of reason because it’s obvious that the boy’s club is not.


So today my friends, do something, speak out, protest, write your congressman, post on social media, don’t vote for these men, do all that you can do because if not, we will be going back to the days where we had no rights, where we were our husbands property, where we had no voice.

Do not let this happen, this is not okay! Sexual harassment is never okay.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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