The Lord will fight your battles

Treadmill Treats Monday Message


The Lord will fight your battles


There are so many bible verses that tell you this, how we should not be afraid, how we need to trust in him, how we need to keep the faith.


“Do not be afraid of them, the Lord himself will fight for you”


“The Lord is your Shepard, you lack for nothing”


“Do not let your hearts be troubled”


I am here to tell you that  miracles happen when you believe…

There is nothing to large or no dream to big that he cannot do.

But here’s the thing, we have to believe, we have to agree with the leadership of the house, we have to surround ourselves with other believers, we have to have faith.


There are other things we also must do, we have to work it, we have to do things, we need to take action because faith without works is dead.


The challenge is to see and look at it in an uncommon way, even when we can’t see the big picture, even when it seems too overwhelming, we need to know and believe in the outcome.


When people come in agreement with the expectation of a miracle from God, things happen,when the people believed, when they had the right perception, things happen.


Even in the mist of the nay sayers, even when the perception of others say it couldn’t happen, even when they make jokes and they didn’t believe, you still did.


Peter had the right perception of the miracle of God. He knew what was to come, he knew what Jesus could do, he didn’t doubt.


We have to turn to the elders, to the pastors, that have that type of faith, they believe more than you believe, they are there to give you hope, to help you go on.


You need to be around people with great faith, you need to work and be with the leaders who have great faith, so they can build up your faith as well.


You need to tell the haters, the people in your life who say you can’t do it, tell them I am the child of the most high God, he will keep me and bless me. Don’t you know the miracles he has done? If he’s did it before, he will do again…


You got what it takes!

God knows what you are made of…with every pain there is a purpose…

You must focus more on God getting the glory then you getting relief.


He knows your gifts and your calling, he knows your purpose, God made you…you need to remember….

“Eyes haven’t seen…ears haven’t heard all that he’s planned for you”

You need to keep the right perception!


Even when everything around you looks crazy, when things are coming at you, when you feel like you can’t survive, you must know, you must believe all that God has for you, you must work in the way God sees you… because your more than a conquer, you my friend are an overcomer….You have to believe….


It’s all about your perception…

“Greater works you shall do more than I”


This is the time to perceive God and leadership…

It’s time to produce… faith, trust and the knowledge that when you do all of that, God will take care of you, he will fight all of your battles.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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