My amazing male friends

My amazing male friends


I always say I am blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life. Growing up as a only child, my friends were the family I chose for myself and all these years later, they are still in my life.


Yesterday I wrote a blog about the difference between a good man and a bad man and since I have so many great guy friends, I figured who better to go to, to get it straight from the horse’s mouth.


Recently I needed advice and even though I love my girlfriends, I needed a male point of view, so I reached out to my guy friends.


My girlfriends have my back, they are my cheerleaders, they pump me up and they make me feel better.

But the one thing I love about my guy friends is that they don’t hold back, they are not putting a rose color spin on anything, they are straight to the point, no hold bar, like it or not, they are giving it to you straight.


So when I presented a question to them I knew I’d get some real answers, directly from a male point of view.


My question was if they were dating a women and they were trying to get together to spend time with her and they suddenly had a client drop off their schedule what would they do?

Or if they somehow got a free hotel room in a nice hotel, what would be the first thing they would do?


Overwhelming the answer from all of them was, they would immediately call her up and ask her to hang out, set up a romantic night to be with her, do anything they could to be with her.

See, they went on to say if a man is really into a women they will do all it takes to spend time with her.


Yes, they would drive 5 hours to spend one hour in her company. They would lose sleep, call out of work, stay up all night talking to her. They would call and text her every day to let her know that they were interested and to let her know how much she meant to them.


They would never ghost her, never play games or leave her wondering where she stood.They would volunteer their services, a ride or their help before she even finished her story to them.


They told me men are hunters and they will go after a women with all they have if they are into her, there would be no second guessing about their feelings towards her.


If they did something that bothered her, they would set it right immediately, they would sit down and listen to what she had to say and not try to place the blame on her.


Are you listening my queens? This is some serious gold from the mouth of real men and let me tell you not just one man, as I always want to have a majority of answers to make up my mind.


No, my queens this was from many of my male friends, the same answer over and over again.

This was exactly what I wrote about yesterday, these my queens…are what good men look like.


I should know this as I grew up with 3 of the most amazing men in my life, my father, my step father and a close family friend and yet somehow I continue to pick losers, men that could never shine these men’s shoes.


But I am learning, I am continuing to find my self worth again, to know I am worthy of better treatment and to know when to walk away. I am here to walk this path and to be able to help my queens out there, walk better in theirs.


We all know what is right, when we feel short changed, when a man is interested in us and when we are doing the chasing.

If we are the ones always calling or texting, if we are always trying to set up dates to meet, if we are constantly letting them come over at midnight, just bringing their dicks to the table. Hello!! We already know this, yet somehow we continue to allow this behavior to take place.


This is why I love my guy friends because they will tell me what I obviously don’t see or feel sometimes, they will tell me how much I am worth, how much they would be willing to do for a women like me.


That any man would be blessed to call me their own and that I should never accept anything less, than a great man because I deserve it …we deserve it, we are all beautiful, smart, hardworking, amazing women and we need to see this, to know this and not let this type of man, who is not willing to stand up for us, go. You gotta go!


My purpose in life is to lift people up, to show you through my mistakes and hardships to never quit, to keep learning, keep growing and to know your worth.


So today my queens, today my wonderful friends, listen to your friends, don’t accept crumbs of his time, don’t let him make you feel like it’s your fault, don’t let him turn this around on you, if he really wanted to be with you, as my amazing guy friends all have said….

he would move mountains to be there.

Accept nothing less because you are worth it.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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