Single mom’s

Single mom’s

I have to talk about this subject as I don’t think we as single mom’s get enough credit for what we do.
This is also a shout out to my single dad’s who are holding it down as well.

This is the hardest job you’ve ever had, to put someone else’s needs above yours, to give of yourself all the time and not feel appreciated. To do it all and not feel like it’s enough or second guess yourself,  asking did you do the right thing?

I am blessed to have a community of single mom’s in my life, amazing women who are holding it down despite their circumstances.
We help each other out, we watch each other kids, we help out when money is tight and food is low.
We are there to talk with, to cry with, to ask what are we doing wrong?

We support each other and uplift each other because we know what an incredibly hard job it is we are doing.

We have to work, some of us multiple jobs, then pick up kids, come home to cook dinner, clean up, do homework, give baths, read bedtime stories and put the kids down. Our day is far from over as then we are straightening up the house, doing laundry, paying bills and getting things ready for the next day. When we wake up we are still tired but there is no rest for the weary as we are it. We have to get it together to get them up, dressed and fed before we drop them off to school and make it to work on time.

For some of us, we have downgraded from a higher life style and had to make due. Some hardly get child support like me or get none at all. But no matter what we make it work, we stretch a dollar till it screams, we magically make dinner appear out of nothing and we smile like we have it all together. At night we cry in our pillows as we are so very tired and feel like the world is falling in on us yet in the morning we put a smile on because we must be strong for the sake of our kids.

We try to date with what little spare time we have but the pickings are slim and we have to always remember that our children come first and who we let into their lives, effects them.
So it is extremely hard to do this, especially for us Christian mom’s who are looking for a Christian man, see that is like finding a needle in a haystack! Yet we hold on to faith that one day a good man will come into our lives.

Even for single mom’s like me who have older children it doesn’t stop, they need books for college, gas for their car, help with homework…still! They are still living at home but with a “grown-up” mind that you have to deal with and still set your boundaries as a parent.

It never stops and it never gets easier, it’s a thankless job that gives the most love. It is a rollercoaster ride of laughs, ass whoopings, smiles, aggravation and amazing love like you’ve never felt before.

So today my friends, remember that being a single mom is the hardest job in the world, help one out today, take them some groceries, treat them to a day at the spa, watch their children for a few hours so they can have some me time. You never know how much they are struggling as they always look like they have it together, any act of kindness will give them hope to make it through another day.

To all my single mom’s out there, I love you, you are my hero’s, you are amazing, beautiful, smart women who I look up to each and every day and I am blessed to call you my friends…
Thank you for doing all that you do ♡♡♡

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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