Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Today is giving Tuesday, a day to give back to our world, to our community, to people less fortunate than us.

Now you know how I feel about having to have “days” to tell us what we should already know but if it helps others to remember to be a good person, then I am all for it.

Here’s the thing about giving, it’s an amazing feeling, there is no other feeling in the world. Every year my church does a feed the community day, the Saturday before Thanksgiving. We give out 3 bags of groceries and a turkey to 2000 families.

I have been running the elderly room there for the last 5 years, we take the elderly out of the lines, we bring them into a air conditioned room and we have our young volunteers help them to their cars, to the bus or even walk them home.

I can not tell you how grateful these people are, how many times I have gotten hugged, kissed or told God bless you. I have had people literally cry because they wouldn’t have had a Thanksgiving without us.

It humbles you, I always remember “There before the grace of God, goes I”
Yes, that could be anyone of us at any time, most people are one paycheck from being homeless.

One illness, one break up, one job lost and we could be in need. Yes, we need to help out our neighbors, we need to help out each other, like we do in our single mom community. We find out that a mom is struggling and we help out. We give her gas money, we bring food to her, we watch her kids, whatever to help each other out.

I am big with women in distress, I give all I get from clients to them, I volunteer my time, I speak to the women there and tell them I understand, I know what it’s like to be in that abuisve relationship and how we can change the pattern.

I help out my church family when I know someone is in need, I volunteer for any and all events I can, to help out my Bishop and our causes.

For years I volunteered at Habitat for Humanity, building houses along side one of my best friends, which is how I actually met her in the first place.

Yes, I am busy, yes, I work 3 jobs, have 2 children, I write this blog on the treadmill every morning at 5:30 am and have a full life but what is life if your too busy to help out another human being? What does that say about you?

I have to do this, I don’t need a day to tell me to do the right thing, I don’t need Thanksgiving to tell me to be grateful, I don’t need national sit down for dinner with your family day, to tell me to do this. These are things I do each and every day because it is natural to me, like breathing.

So today my friends, ask yourself, are you really that busy? Do you not have an hour of your time, can you not ask a elderly neighbor if they need help, bring a single mom a bag of groceries, to help someone in need?

We need to check ourselves, to see why the world is the way it is today, it’s because we are all “too busy” to help and most importantly we need to teach our children what is truly important in life…giving of yourself, of your time, of your heart…

Make giving Tuesday, not just a yearly thing, but a daily thing…
Make it giving everyday….

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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