Missing loved ones

Missing loved ones

This is a really hard time of year for alot of people, the hoildays, the memories, the expectations, it’s overwhelming.

For me it’s both, as I love the hoildays because it brings together family and friends but it’s also bittersweet to me. I have had so many losses in my life and it makes me realize how many wonderful people I cannot spend the hoildays with.

Yesterday was one of those extremely tough days for me, I started off the day crying and ended the day the same way.

I was epecially thinking about my mom and dad. We had an old farmhouse in upstate New York, we would have the fireplace going, the tree lite and Christmas music playing throughout the house.
We would sit on the couch with hot chocolate looking at the snow falling for hours, just lost in the moment, enjoying each other’s company.

I miss them, I miss all the friends who would come to every family event, people that were taken too soon and missed too much. Yes, this time of the year, I get sad, I know everything happenes for a reason but taking a loved one has always been a hard one for me to swallow.

It has taught me to live in the moment, to start my own traditions with my girls, so they will have wonderful memories later on. It has taught me to really appreciate life and live it to the fullest as you never know when it can be over.

It makes me appreciate the memories my mom gave me, making sauce with my dad or making lasagna with my friends in our big kitchen. My mom inviting people over for the hoildays that had no where to go, I remember the food, the love and the laughter around our table, even though we didn’t have much, what we did have, we shared.

Yes, this time of year is hard on me and it makes me sad but I know they are in a better place and one day we will be together again. So until then, their memories will keep me going, they will fortify me and warm my heart to make that many more memories with my loved ones.

So today my friends, I know it may be tough to get through the hoildays but you must live in the moment, create new memories, honor the old ones and know….This too shall pass.

Be present, live in the moment, live large and laugh often, life is too short to do anything else.

***I know this is a tough time of year, so I will be putting this number out there for all that need it…I been there and I know how dark it may seem especially during the Christmas season. There is help, it will get better…I am living proof of “This too shall pass”**
Please get help, call today:
National Suicide Hotline: 24/7

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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