Random acts of kindness


Random acts of kindness

About five years ago I decided to stop watching the news on Tv. I always felt depressed after watching it. For an hour it was nothing but horrible things people in this world do to each other on a daily basis.

If you were from another planet and you watched our news you would run back to where you came from thinking we are all about hate and negatively.
Bottom line, it sucks and I decided I didn’t want that kind of negatively in my life so I chose to stop watching.

I listen to the radio, I get the news in 3 minute bits so I’ll know if the world is going to come to a end or if we are in the cone of death, three minutes of bad news is plenty.
I want to hear or read about the good in this world, I want to know how we helped one another.

How we came together, like when 911 happened, there were so many stories through out the tragedy, of people banning together, helping each other. New Yorkers shined, they showed the world what we were made of, that we had huge hearts and we were tough and we stuck together.

During this year’s multiple hurricanes, when neighbor helped neighbor, when race or religion didn’t matter just one human helping another.

Yes, we need to learn to pay it forward, help a neighbor out when they lost their jobs and have children to feed or take care of. We need to help our elderly who cant do things around their homes anymore or Veterans, who served our country proud.

We need to buy someone a cup of coffee just to brighten their day, how about saying a kind word to someone? You have no idea, you might be the only kind word they will hear all day.

You never know what someone is going through especially during this Christmas season when so many people feel alone and lonely.

What does it take to slow down and do a good deed? Is your life so dam important that you have no time to stop and give a kind word, to help out someone?

People say the world needs to change… no, the world doesn’t need to change, we need to change, one person at a time.

Every kind act we do changes the world, every time we post a good deed on social media, every time we pay it forward, someone else does the same and before you know it the negative turns into positive.

Before you know it we are watching good news on Tv,  there are more shows that show the goodness of people, more and more people are kinder. This is how it works one person at a time, doesn’t matter if you think your the only one, that you can’t make a difference, you can.

You cant imagine what one person can do, can start… look at Dr.Martin Luther King, look at Mother Theresa, Rosa Parks, look at the countless others that took that one stand and changed the lives of thousands.

Sometimes I think why I am writing? Who is reading this? Is anyone reading my stuff? Maybe I am fooling myself, maybe I can’t help people with my words but then I get a letter or email telling me that my words helped them or touched their hearts.
That one person that I know I somehow helped, keeps me going, look I am not looking to help the whole world just one person at a time.

So today my friends, remember it all starts with you, yes, I know your life is busy Hello! Ever read what I do everyday?
But it’s bigger than you, it’s not all about you, you were made to help, to give, to show love and compassion for each other. So take the time this season and do something good, pay it forward.

See I am paying it forward one person at a time, I give of myself, I still have a big open heart no matter how many times it may get stomped on, I will still see the good in people I will still do good because like I say in every blog “Be the change you want to see”
I want to see the change so I will start with myself…

** I know this is a tough time of year so I will be putting this number out there for all that needs it…I been there and I know how dark it may seem especially during the Christmas season, there is help, it will get better…I am living proof of “This too shall pass”**
Please get help, call today:
National Suicide Hotline: 24/7

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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