Life is too short

Life is too short

I am always saying life is too short, how we should do what we love, how we should get rid of negative, life sucking people out of our lives, how we should spend more time with our loved ones, how we should forgive and how we should live life big, laugh often and live large!

These last few weeks I’ve been taking my own advice and doing just that. Not that I always don’t live by that motto but lately even more so.

I had parties with my singles group, luncheons with my church family, I’ve spent lots quality time with my girls on a cruise, went out with friends, went dancing, generally having a blast. Yes, I have been living my best life to quote Miss Oprah.

I still remember last year while I was at another event, a Christmas show with my dear friend, she got a phone call and her life changed forever.

Her daughter was on the phone and she could hardly understand her as she was crying so much. She said her boyfriend was just killed in a accident.

They had been dating for years, he was a good boy from a good family. He was in college, he worked, he was sweet, kind and respectful and had his whole life in front of him.

And just like that he was gone…my heart broke for my friend and her daughter, it also broke being a parent as I could never imagine the loss of losing your child. That is a pain no parent should experience, ever and yet everyday unfortunately it happens to parents all over the world.

I read yesterday, a group of people on a cruise went on a excursion in Mexico, their bus flipped over and 12 people died…just like that one second your on a vacation of a lifetime, the next your life is changed forever. That hit close to home as it could have been us doing that this past weekend.

Would it matter, the stupid things you fought over?  Would the petty differences matter now? If you cut them off because of their sexual preference, dating habits or other non important issues you disagreed upon, would it really matter now?

No, none of that would matter…Would you think about how many times you worked to keep up with the Jones, instead of being with your family? Did the fancy bag or big house matter now? How many times did you said “Not now I’m busy, later” when later never came?

Did any of that matter now? No, all you would want is one more minute, one more second to spend with them, one more time to be able to hold them and tell them you loved them.
How you would give it all up for that one last time to spend with them…but it’s too late…

Don’t live a life that’s too late, don’t have regrets, don’t say, I would have, could have, should have…

So today my friends, remember live your best  life before something tragic happens, tell the people in your life you love them, forgive past hurts, let go of pain and anger. You raised these children to have their own minds, let them make their own decisions and then stand behind them even if they don’t agree with yours.

Love them for who they are, not who you wanted them to be. Love them, don’t judge them, tell them often how proud you are of them, how they turned out to be an incredible human beings and how no matter what you will be there and love them forever.

Tell them now, wake them up if you have to, don’t let another minute, another second go by…because you never know if your going to be too late…life is too short.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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