The lessons I’ve learned this year

The lessons I’ve learned this year

I live my life looking for the lessons in everything,
I know in every success, in every failure, in every heartbreak and in every joy there is a lesson to be learned.

This year taught me alot of lessons some great, some heartbreaking but these were obviously lessons I needed to learn and so I looked at all of them this way…what did I need to learn? Why did this happen and what’s the lesson?

I learned that I love writing more than anything and even though I’ve been writing this blog for the last 4 years, every day I can’t wait to wake up and write more. I’ve learn that writing a second book might be harder than the first but I kept at it and am almost finished.

I learned that doing something you love pays off big time, as I have the most incredible clients in the world now, I love what I do and helping others is my passion and purpose.

That what you do for others will come back to you, as I learned in the past few years with my dear friends.

I learned that hard work pays off, that I could do this and so many other things I never imagined I could. It gives you a satisfaction that money can never buy.

Another lesson was that your never too old to learn something new, as I have been learning as a single mom to do more things for myself.

A painful lesson I learned was that sometimes friendships weren’t made to last the test of time and sometimes words cut you like a knife. I learned some people who you thought were your guardian angel fell to earth and crushed your heart. And others weren’t meant for the whole ride even as much as that hurts.

A priceless lesson I  learned, is that time with my girls is the most valuable thing I have and that we are a team.
We have fun together, we laugh and there is no stress like years ago, they are my life. I realize I got this… I am doing something good here..

I learned to set a goal and finish it, I wrote a book 2 years ago and published it when I said I would, all 497 pages. I am so proud of that and that I am finishing another one.

Love taught me a huge lesson, as I had my heartbroken yet again and I also let men treat me less than as I didn’t know my own self worth.

Life has come at me hard this year with many set backs and hurts but I’ve tried to see the lessons, I’ve been grateful for the good times and all the places I’ve gotten to go.

I realized that I am so very blessed …this past year I got to go home 5 times, I got to go to the Bahamas twice, on a cruise, to Disney, to California, Vegas and Philly.

I’ve had some bad times, I’ve cried, I’ve lost people I loved and reconnected with others yet through it all I still had gratitude, I still believed in the good and better times.

I have made memories that lasted me a lifetime and am blessed with so many amazing people in my life…I take none of this for granted…

I am filled with gratitude and praise for my God who allowed me all of this….

All of this has made me tougher, it shook my faith in people but it made me stronger with my faith in God, as I knew he would take care of me.
I didn’t know how or when but I knew he would.

Yes, through the storms, I thought wasn’t this was supposed to be my year…what is going on?

Everything was coming at me….bills, people, work was bad, ex being a dick,  my identity being stolen twice, stuff in the house breaking, friends taking sides, you name it and it was being thrown at me yet again.

Yes, it was bad but all I could do was pray through the storm and be grateful for all I had, knowing that having my faith, it would all be okay…

Big, big lesson! Never give up, never stop having faith, never stop believing.

I never doubted that God wouldn’t come through for me not for a second. I knew he would take care of me if I kept believing and he did, he does and will continue to do so maybe not on my time but on his.

So as we start this new year of 2018, I will be remembering all the valuable lessons I have learned, I will give thanks that I am still here and that I have made it through.

I know this last year was just getting me ready for the incredible year that is coming. It has made me stronger, it taught me to keep the doors closed that are supposed to be closed, it taught me faith and love and most importantly forgiveness.
All of it has made me the better person I am today…and I am grateful.

So today my friends remember a new year is here, great things are yet to be but don’t write off last year without learning the lessons…what were your lessons from last year?What were you suppose to learn?

It is only then you can move into this new year smarter, stronger, wiser.. ready for all this new year has to bring.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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