The start of the Daniel fast

The start of the Daniel fast

2018 The year of restoration

Every year the first full week of January, we, as a church do the Daniel fast for 8 days.
It is a show of our commitment to God, to start the year off the right way, giving praise and gratutite to him.

I need this like a thirsty man needs water, I need to give thanks and show God my commitment towards him. I need to cleanse myself and focus on what is truly important for this coming year, which is him.

See I know what he has in store for me, I know the miracles he has worked in my life, I am a living testimony to his grace and mercy.

Joel 2.25
“I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten, you will have plenty to”

I know that he will replenish all I’ve lost and I know he has brought me to this church to be able to hear his word.
See I know that this is where God chose for me, where he placed me so I can hear his voice through my Bishop.

I know that God speaks through him to me whenever I need a message, I pray and I come to church and there is the message I needed to hear.
God speaks through people and pain…
What you don’t realize is that pain is your friend, pain will teach you what you pride won’t let you hear…

Why do we put up with the pain? Because we don’t listen to God, we don’t ask God’s advice. We do what  we want to do…
^I’ve got this” we say.
“I’m in love why do I need to ask God’s approval”
“This is a great oppunituny, why do I need to consult God?”

We think we know better, and so we do what we think is best for us and it is then our actions, our decisions cause us pain.

So to start off the year right I will be fasting for 21 days, I will commit to going to church every night for the next 6 nights, I will pray, I will not watch tv or be on social media (except for posting this blog to get God’s word out)
I will commit my upcoming year and my life to him and I will to try to give back a fraction of what he has given to me.

I have my girls, a business, a home, our health, my church and my church family, I am blessed with friends and family, I have a peace that I never had before and gratutite that brings me to tears. For all of this and so many other things he has done and continues to do, this is a small sacrifice for me.
So if you would like to change your life here are the 5 keys to restoration:

1. Your going to have to live right
2. You are going to have to think right
3. You have to speak right
4. You have to give right
5. You have to praise right

If you do all of these things, God will do amazing things in your life, trust me I am living proof.
Let the New Year begin with praises to him!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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