The annoiting over your life

The annoitong over your life

Sunday as we started our 8 day fast, our Bishop didn’t preach instead another pastor gave the service.

He spoke about the fast and how we need to listen to God’s word. That this year is a year of restoration, that all that was taken away was going to be restored.

As he was talking he mentioned that he was here preaching and prophesizing over us two and a half years ago. It was at that moment when I knew it was him, he was the pastor that prophesized over my life.
I couldn’t for the life of me remember which pastor did it, as my Bishop let’s a lot of pastors speak at our church.
I remember that he had said that someone here was looking to buy a home andĀ if they sowed a seed for 15.50, they would get for $150,000.
I, of course, have crazy Faith like my Bishop, so I sowed a seed of 150.50 and sure enough, without good credit, without being on the job long enough and getting a home 40 thousand less than anything on the market, God gave me my home just like he said he would.

I asked for a home for me and my girls, but I was asking for a rental that we could afford, I never dreamed of a home to own, but God had greater dreams that I could even dream for myself.

As this all started to come back to me, I began to go into the ugly cry, for the longest time I tried to remember who the pastor was, yet here I was and it all came back to me. I started to shake as he was speaking of what God was getting ready to do this year, he was talking about sowing a seed and before he even said an amount I was down on the alter.

I was shaking and crying as I knew this was God’s annoiting on me once again and I was once again going to listen. I told him and the congregation of what came from him prophesying over my life and that I knew God had big plans for me this time as well.

There are times when you ask for things and God hears you, there are times God tells you things and you listen, this is a give and take relationship, God shows you how much he loves you and you show him how much faith and love you have for him.

I can’t tell you how with everything coming at me these last few months and yet how much peace I feel through it all.

See recently I felt off centered, I was stressing, I was mad, I have been hurt by a lot of people I trusted and loved, I have had my heart broken, my money stolen by friends yet again. I was having issues with my girls and working 12 hour days for months trying to pay my daughter’s bills, things were coming at me from all ways and I prayed for peace every day.
I prayed for peace and God gave it to me recently and this was no small feat so I was so grateful for this and all he does, I was going to do anything he asked of me.

Including sowing a seed into my new harvest, yes, I have seen what listening does, I am living proof of what God can do if you listen. Talk about me, laugh at me, tell me I am crazy but you can not deny what he has done in my life…

A new business that took care of me and my girls from day one, when I started it.
A new home without the qualifications needed.
Money that appeared when I needed it.
People in the right places, free trips, the list goes on and on…
Yes, say what you want, you have know idea what he has done and keeps doing…
I am going to listen despite the haters and the na sayers…this is between me and my God…you do you and I’ll keep doing me..
We’re all good…

So today my friends, remember things happen for a reason, I needed this because the day before I lost my job, my car broke, I threw out my kid and someone stole my identity once again…
Yet through it all I was at peace, I held on to my faith and I believed nothing was impossible if I keep my eyes on him and know the annoiting is over my life.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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