Why are you so petty?

Why are you so petty?

I always assumed that when you became an adult some things you did as a child would stop.
Things like name calling, back biting, “clicks” jealousy, and being petty.

But I realized it’s not about age but who you are or are not as a person.
Here we are at the half way point of our lives and some people are still acting like we are high school.

Why must you be so petty? Is it because your life didn’t turn out the way you expected it to? Are you trying to turn back the clock to a time when you were the “popular girls aka the mean girls” ?
Or is it that you can’t be genuinely happy for others successes? That your still holding on to grudges, that your not in control any more?

I say all of this because my ex husband had text me yesterday saying that he was filling his taxes before the deadline (there was no deadline) and that he was claiming my youngest.
Now since the divorce we take turns on who we claimed and last year I claimed the oldest but because she wasn’t in college yet I got screwed and got nothing. So this year was my turn to get this refund on the younger one but he went and did it before I could just to be petty and not let me get the refund.

Then he goes on to say that he’s claiming the big one as a dependent as well for his health insurance…wait please allow me to bend over so you can get a better shot of sticking it up my ass!

But he adds if he can’t claim the older one I could and he would pay me what he is losing so he can get cheaper health insurance, but it would benefit me….
Please tell me what you ever did that ever benefit me or our girls?

Wait maybe it was the time you said you would give me the money you made off the rental I was getting when we got divorced and then told me to go fuck myself, or wait maybe it was at our youngest graduation, when you wouldn’t let the family invite me to the luncheon afterwards even for the sake of our kids….

Or maybe how you stopped paying the lousy 250.00 a month child support for two kids and I had to keep taking you back to court while I was working 3 jobs to keep a roof over our heads?

All these things to be petty…to try to hurt me…but see I’m not like that, I want to uplift others, I do the right things even to go as far as shop, clean and help your mom out when you don’t.

I am that person that when my girlfriend got a promotion, I was as happy as if it happen to me.
I want, especially my women friends to succeed, I will never put them down, I only lift them up with praise. I don’t do cat fights or back stabbing, never have, never will.
Does putting someone else down, lift you up?

I’ve come to realize that its because these people are not your friends, these people have unresolved issues that are not yours, they hold on to anger, hatred and bitterness and you must remember it’s their problem not yours, just keep saying not my circus, not my monkeys.

I’ll never forget what my friend Patti C. wrote to me when I was hurting over Mr. Con Artist, that made so much sense and it goes perfectly now, she said.

“At 19 years old they are the mistakes of a boy, at 50 years old they are a reflection of the content of the man….”
Or women as the case may be…

So today my friends,  remember yes, you could have done some things when you were growing up, you could be hurt over a divorce, or what ever the reason is but we all have the ability to change…or not..maybe this was your content all along…

Can you look deep inside yourself to see what your reflection is saying about the content of who you are now? Think about that and ask yourself why you are so petty?

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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