Life is like a football game

Life is like a football game

We all have a position to play in life, just like in a  football game, we are all playing in the game of life and we all have a position we need to play.

In football wide receivers are a offensive position and are key players in most games, they are fastest players on the field.

Just like in football we need to take a position in our faith, either your going to believe in God’s word or your going to doubt. It’s up to you which position you take.

Just like in yesterday’s Super bowl game, both teams want to win, we also want to win in life, and yes, winning is possible but it requires preparation just like these teams had to go through to get to the biggest game of the year,  we must also be prepared, we must also practice.

The apostle Paul said these things:

1. We are encourage to arm ourselves with the full protective gear.
What does that mean? We must read the word, go to church, shine our light.
Are you living your life in faith?

2.Wearing the full protective gear will protect us in battle.
Because the enemy is coming after you… you must be ready and armed with faith and knowledge.

3. Satan, our adversary is plotting every day to out play us.
He is putting doubt in your head…you will never do it…look how long you’ve been trusting and praying, where is your God?

See everyone has the potential to win in life, because you are a winner, you know how to fight, you’ve been to battle before, some of us have been there many times.

To win in life is to overcome every obstacle that life throws at you, you have to remember that you are not  a failure, you are a fighter. Life will hit you with some big blows but you still will overcome every one of them.

We need to realize that everybody has issues, everybody has problems,
everybody has fights going on in their lives. This is life, there is no getting away from that, it’s up to you on how you deal with them.

You need to getup every day, hold your head high, square you shoulders, act like you’ve already a winner, like you already won the battle.

Don’t you let your looks fool others, people rarely think I’ve been through what I have, because I don’t look like what I’ve been through, thank God.
That’s our problem, we don’t think others have had struggles, we see someone and assume that their ride has been easy.
Hello! We are subjected to disappointments, to failures, to knock downs, no body goes through life unscaved.

You have to learn how to fight back, to give God praise even through the storms, even when things are going wrong.
Whenever you are in position to get what God has to give to you, you are ready for his blessings.

The enemy doesn’t want you to win, he wants you to fumble so he can be in control of you, he wants to take over your mind, your soul and make you think you can’t win.

There are too many times when you want people to nurse you, to hear your sad story, you wallow in your own self pity.

But it says in the bible, cast all your cares on God… all your cares, then give him the praise!

So today my friends remember, this message is for everyone who been kicked, knocked down, who has been abusived, who thought you wouldn’t make it through, this is the  message is for you.

You are out there and yes, time may be running out but God will show up in your life, you need to give him the praise, get back up and get back in the game.

Yes, life is not easy, we all have struggles, we all have hardships
He’s sending what your eyes cannot see, what your ears have not heard…
As long as there is nothing coming your way, the devil will be standing on the sideline but the moment God has something for you the devil starts closing in on you, that is because  there’s a blessing coming your way
Catch what God is sending your way…
You never know what’s coming, so don’t get distracted.

Keep your eye on the prize but you got to be the wide receiver…
If you think it’s all over he will attract your emotions…but it’s not over
There’s 4 quarters…the game is not over…God’s not through with you!
Could it be the reason we fumble is because we not dressed right?

To catch what’s coming to you need to put on the helmet of salvation, you need to cover yourself with what your thinking, with what you speak, with your actions…
Yes you might get knocked down but you have to get back up.
Be wise, the holy spirit is about to throw you the biggest play of your life.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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