How the shootings shook our church

How the shootings shook our church.

This week’s shootings shook us to the core and hit it too close to home for us.
We had so many members in our church, who’s  children went to that school, teachers that taught there and friends of friends who lost people in that school.

Yesterday we had many people that spoke out about how this has touched our community. We had a family who’s daughter was in the mist of the shooting, her parents waiting hours to know if she was alright. Teachers spoke of how their lives would never be the same and how they can’t handle to go back to work with these images in their heads. They spoke of how they lost teachers, friends and how their families have been torn apart by this tragedy.

Yesterday we all grieved together as a church, as a parent, as a community. We talked about how we have lost the image of the family, we lost what it looks like to be a family, how parents are afraid to discipline their children, how being “friends” with their kids are more important than them actually parenting them.

Hell, we even have to have a day to remind us to have dinner together, really? Is this what family values have come down to?

We spoke about how we need collaboration as a community, to change this. They say it takes a village to raise a child, we need to be that village.

Our village changed forever on February 14, it brought it to our front door…
It touched our community, our church, our lives forever.

We need to never forget how this changed us and take that to inspire us to make a change. We need to remember what the bible says that we need to “Train up a child the way he should go and they will never forgot the training”

We need to teach our children, love and compassion, we need to stop teaching our children rasicm and hate, we need to teach them the word of God.

God is given us a responsibility to train them to grow up a certain way, to believe in his ways and lately we have not been doing a good job.

You have a choice to invest in your children, yes, we are all working to make a better life for our children, but sometimes that is not beneficial to them, we are not involved in what they’re doing, who they’re hanging out with and what’s going on with their feelings because we are too busy, we need to remember that our children always come first.

We must not lose the family grip, the change starts at home.
We need to stop being friends with our kids, we must be the parents.

The church needs to step up and create change in the church’s. They need to take ownership as well, they must show the world that we have love for everyone, that they are not segregated in they’re thinking as well.
Something was missing in that young man’s life, maybe it was God, or a lack of belonging to a community, maybe it was hatred, maybe it was rasicm, maybe he didn’t have a back ground fill of God and the church.

And it’s going to take the government to make a change. We need to change these gun laws, we need to stand up, run for office, speak up, make a change.

Family, church and government all needs to change in order for this to stop.
Our job is to create change, to raise our children as better people, to make sure we leave this earth a better place than it was when we came in.

So today my friends remember, in order to do this we must all come together to make the change, so that we won’t ever have to be sitting in a Sunday morning sermon grieving about how a shooting shook our church.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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