Dont ingnore the signs

Don’t ignore the signs

Funny recently I was making my yearly vision board with someone and they were being a smart ass when they cut out a quote that said “Don’t ignore the signs” and handed it to me. I laughed and proceeded to glue it on my vision board and he said “I was just joking”
I said “No, this was a sign…I know this was a sign from God”

Yes, I haven’t been good at seeing the signs and if I did see them, I chose to ignore them over and over again.
This was this year’s lesson, watch and when you see the signs, let it go.

Like recently when a ex came back into the picture, he told me he missed me, he wanted to try to work this out. I was in love with him, I was broken hearted over him for months afterwards and I knew that this was not going to end well again. There was signs all over, small messages like a meme on social media “Don’t go backwards” or a song singing don’t you remember the heartache?
A flashback of what I already went through with this man, that I conveniently forgotten.

It’s like when a person dies and even though through out their lives, they were an asshole, somehow when they die they become a saint, you forget all the bad they did. Yeah, that was me, I only seemed to remember all the good in our relationship, all the fun, the laughs, the sex…oh let’s be real here!

I conveniently forgot all the bad, the fact that he is an infuriating alpha man, that we fight about everything, that he thinks he is always right, that we still had issues with my male friends and with him just disappearing. All the things that broke us up in the first place, hello!! They were still there as well as these signs saying he didn’t change at all.
All these signs and yet I still went to meet him, to hear him out because I was hoping that maybe…just maybe…he changed, that maybe he was ready to take the right steps here.

But the signs kept coming…I should have saw them loud and clear but my heart was blinding my head once again.

If you want to change, you do the things you need to do, you put the work in, you go above and beyond to try to make it work, you put the other person’s feelings above your own, if that is what you truly want.

But here were the signs yet again and I kept ignoring them. This man was never going to change, he wasn’t here to step up, he saw me getting on with my life, he saw me with another man, he was lonely, I looked good, whatever the reason it wasn’t enough to step up, it was just enough to give me lip action and I fell for it…signs and all…

I was dating a man years ago and my girls kept saying he was “suz” today’s word for suspicious. I poo pooed it away thinking what do they know they are kids but they listened to their intuition and to the signs and they were right. The next man I dated they also said was “suz” and again they saw it and were right. Now, I realize that I also saw the signs with both of them but I kept going even when the signs said run Forrest run…

Other’s can see the signs you can’t, my girlfriends, my family, they all saw the signs, but still I didn’t listen to them. Now, I trust their intuitions and even my kids who knows what is real and who is true and pure, obviously better than I do. Sometimes we are too close to the situation to see all of it clearly, we are emotionally wrapped up, we have on our rose colored love glasses on, we want to see the best in that person.

Maybe your like me, and you truly loved this person and so wanted it to work out that you chose to ignore the signs again.

So today my friends remember, if your like me we can’t keep doubting our intuition, our signs that the universe is giving to us, we must see them right away, acknowledge them and realize that is our cue to run and don’t ignore the signs yet again.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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