Standing up for what is right against the NRA

Standing up for what is right against the NRA

Last week I wrote about the young people from the Parkland school shootings and how proud I was that they are taking a stand.
It takes guts to stand up, to be judged, to be challenged for your opinions, it takes guts to dance to the beat of your own drummer.

I have always danced to the beat of my own drummer, I taught my girls since they were little this, it’s your voice, it’s your opinions, it’s your life, live it the way you choose to.

So when people stand up for what is right, whether it be these young adults or major companies, I am the first one to stand to my feet and applaud you.

This week I am here to applaud these companies that have stood up and cut their ties with the NRA.

Starting with First National Bank of Omaha, which was among the first businesses of at least a dozen to cut special rates or discounts to the five million people the N.R.A. says it has as members.

Supporters and detractors of the N.R.A. have called out these companies on social media, to either step up or step out, essentially
leaving them with no neutral ground to hide behind.

Of those companies that did cut ties, many said they did it in response to consumer complaints.

Delta Air Lines said on Twitter that it was ending its contract with the association for discounted rates through the airline’s group travel.

United Airlines tweeted a similar message two hours later.

Two moving van companies, Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines, which share a parent company, Sirva,
each said it “no longer has an affiliate relationship with the NRA effective immediately”

Avis Budget Group, which owns the car-rental companies Avis and Budget, said on Friday a discount partnership with the N.R.A. would end by March 26, as well as the giant car rental company, Hertz.

On Thursday, the car rental companies Alamo, Enterprise and National, which share the parent company Enterprise Holdings,
tweeted they would end their discount for N.R.A. members beginning March 26.

Starkey Hearing Technologies and MetLife also tweeted on Friday, that it was ending a discount program for N.R.A. members.

Also on Friday, the company Chubb and TrueCar, an automobile pricing and information website, also said on Friday it was “ending its car buying service relationship” with the N.R.A. at the end of this month.

The home security company SimpliSafe who once offered two months of free monitoring for N.R.A. members but the company said in an email on Saturday that it had “discontinued our existing relationship with the NRA.”

The cybersecurity company Symantecannounced said on Twitter on Friday that it had ended a discount program with the NRA.

These and many more companies are stepping up, whether it’s because of consumer pressure or true moral fortitude against what is going on in this country, whichever it is I applaud them.

In a statement on Saturday, the N.R.A. said the companies, “in a shameful display of political and civic cowardice,” were trying to punish its law-abiding members who had nothing to do with the Parkland shooting.

No! We are trying to save our children, we are trying to make it safe to be at a concert, in a club, in a church or in a public event and not have to to worry if we are going to die by the hand of some maniac with a automatic weapon that you sell.

We, the gun abiding consumers are okay with stricter background checks, mental health checks, longer wait periods and the fact that we can’t own a gun that can shoot off a hundred rounds a minute.
Our question is why aren’t you? Oh wait was that the smell of billions of dollars I just smelled? Yes, we know why your panties are in a wad, it’s because your pocketbooks are at stake.

It’s not that innocent people are dying each and every day, no it’s because your mad that these young people are starting a movement and making the rest of the country look bad about not doing the right thing in the first place.

Well too frigging bad “Snowflakes” isn’t that what you call us, people who have hearts, who believe in what is right, who have morals?
Now…your crying because the heat is on you to do the right thing. What being called out on having blood on your hands from thousands of people doesn’t go with your bottom line?
Do the right thing and you won’t have to worry but just in case you still can’t find your hearts in the mounds of money you have, we will do it for you.

We will continue to stand up, to protest, to speak for the others who no longer have a voice because of a weapon you continue to sell.

We will make you do the right thing and hitting you in your pocketbook seems to be the only way you seem to listen and do the right thing. Like it or not change is coming, ready or not!

We are here calling for change, demanding change and we “Snowflakes” will not stop no matter how many names you call us, no matter how many times you try to defend your guns, we will not let another person die in vain.

So today my friends, stand with me and support these young people, support these companies that are doing the right thing.
Take your own stand, march with us on March 24, sign a petition, stop doing business with companies that aren’t doing the right thing, one person can make a change, one voice calling B.S, one…that’s all it takes to start a movement, to stand up for what is right…
Stand up today!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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