Opporunity requires strategy

Opportunity requires a strategy

Matthew 25.3

In this bible verse there were 10 virgins who barred the same label, they were all virgins and they were all seeking their “bridegrooms” just like us, that we are called Christians, we are all seeking to find God.

All ten virgins had a lamp with oil in it.
Just like us we are in church, hearing the word, listening to the pastor

What’s the point? They were all given lamps to start a journey to find the bridegroom…which is God.

We all are on this journey to meet the bridegroom, one day…we all started out right, reading the word, going to church, doing the good works.

We all are going to face God one day, face to face. We are all on a journey to meet God and we must be prepared for this meeting.

We need to have a plan and make yourself wise to meet God. If your not prepared, you will be taken off guard.

See when we are saved, we realize that we are placed on earth for your light to shine, so others may see the good works in you. This is what we are suppose to do, be the light for others.

The virgins had a lamp to get them through the dark journey that they were on. We all have a dark road we are on, that we have went through, when you can’t see to the left or to the right yet you stay on the road but you know you need the word of God to make it through.

We are the light in a world that loves the darkness more than they love the light. For us that are Christians, all we all want is to hear God to say to us “Well done, good and faithful servants, well done”

So when we read this verse we find out that 5 of the virgins were wise and the other 5 was foolish.
5 of them had a plan, they knew it was a long journey and were prepared.

What does it mean to be wise? It means that we need to have proper knowledge and the power to desern.

To be foolish is to be stupid, that you don’t have good judgment, you have lack knowledge and you are weak in your intellect.

You got to have a plan, like when you buy a house, or when your trying to finish your college, in all areas of life, you need to have a plan.

And we all need energy to survive…
The virgins needed oil to replenish their lamps to go on this long journey, half of them realized this, they knew what it took to survive.

Are you getting so caught up with all the stuff in life that you don’t understand why things are coming at you? This is life, stuff comes at you but the question is, will you bail out on God or will you trust him?

We rely so much on our feelings and our emotions to keep our energy up, if the preacher isn’t preaching like he is on fire, you don’t have enough energy. If the message isn’t the one you need to hear, you feel you didn’t get enough out of it.
We are relaying on tempaory energy, to be all in, to be “lit” for God is that even though you don’t feel the power of God in you, you know he’s there.

So the question is are you foolish or are you wise?
It requires much planning and full commitment to be wise, the same way you text your boo, every day, the same same you call your girls about gossip, your planning your day to do these things.
It’s the same about your commitment to God, you got to plan to go to church, what you are reading, who you are hanging out with. You need to do these things with intentions, with a goal,  you need to be prepared.

Life will hit you with some stuff, the way you feel, the way you think, haters, but you must know that when you in your darkest hour, that God is with you.

You must say I ain’t jumping…I am sticking with God.
When I am sick, when I am broke I’m sticking with Jesus, no matter what I go through, I am sticking with Jesus.

When you understand that God wants to bless your family, to bless you in raising your children, in your whole life, you will prepare.
God’s word will help you in your pursuit of a mate, of who you date, of all your life choices, just dont let your energy run out, you have to have a plan and set boundaries.
As women we need to know
there are certain things a man must bring to the table, we can’t negotiate, because we know “I can do bad all by myself”

When in pursuit of happiness, what we don’t get is the world won’t give you everything you need, it won’t happen every day, in personal identity, in wealth, we need to have a plan.

5 strategies to get to God that the virgins used

1. They took what was most important, the lamp and the oil
2. They were prepared for the unexpected. They had extra oil.
3. They took time out for rest, they had a plan.
4. They knew when to say yes and knew when to no
5. They were willing to leave others behind that didn’t have a plan

You must have a plan to get to God, dont panic, don’t get in a hurry, the metal is given to he who endures to the end.
So today my friends remember, we need to endure, we need to have a plan, we need to know no matter how dark or how long the road is, that God is there with us, that we got this, but we must know that oppunituny requires strategy, plan your strategy today.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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