We never appriciate what we have

We never appriciate what we have

We always want more, bigger house, more money, better relationships, we are never satisfied.

We need to get up each morning to give thanks, to be grateful for what we have, to set our day, set your intent for that day.
It will be a good day, it will be better than yesterday, we need to leave the stuff in the past, there in the past, this is a new day.

We are never happy where we are at, you hate your job, you can’t stand to go there every day but if you were to lose that job and couldn’t find one for months, if you couldn’t pay your bills and you were struggling and then you got the same job again, you would be happy.
You didn’t appriciate your happiness when you first had it.

If your healthy, yet you always complain about things, always complain about your life and one day you got sick, you would appriciate what you had before, you would know your happiness.

Life is what you make it, happiness and joy is what you make it. I wrote about happiness vs joy this week, joy comes from inside that no matter what happens externally, we are still joyful.

My life is far from perfect, I am a single mom, I work 3 jobs sometimes to make ends meet. It’s hard, hell yesterday with no clients on my schedule, my car breaks and it costs me 800.00. I am thinking are you frigging kidding me? Now??
I don’t have the time or the money for this…

But I could have let that steal my joy, I could have went into depression mode, oh poor me, life sucks …or I could say okay…God’s got this and I will not stress and I will keep my joy about all the other things in my life.

I looked at the positive, I am blessed to still have an ex in my life that owns a shop and gave me everything for cost, I chose to be grateful for our friendship and that I got to spend quality time with him while they were fixing my car.
Yes, it sucked that this happened and yes, things are coming at me fast and furious but I chose to look at the good. There is always good… it could always be worst…

I chose….see that word again? Chose to let it go, not stress about it, I chose to hold on to my joy.

I read something recently that if you had $10,000 in the bank and something happened that took $2.00
Would you throw the rest of the money out? Now your thinking what are you crazy why would I do that?
That is what so many of you do, the day is like that bank account when you wake up and then someone or something happens to you through out the day, they take away something, so you throw the whole day away, you let it effect your whole mood, your whole day. Hell, for alot of you, your whole week sometimes.
Why? It’s one thing, one instant, let it go, there was still all these other amazing things that happened but you let that one thing effect it all.

We need to know that we have that choice to get out of bed each and every day and set how our day will be.
Do you really think I like getting up at 5 am every day to go to the gym? Hell  no, I would much rather sleep in but I drag my ass here every day because I know how that will start off my day, that I will feel amazing, recharged, ready to face my day with this energy I have, so I do it .

I chose to drag my ass out of bed, to set my day, I chose to do something good for my body, I chose to be positive, to have joy these are my choices, what are yours?
I appreciate everything I have in my life, every moment, every second, even when the storms are coming at me, I appreciate it as I know it could and has been worst.

So today my friends remember, life is what you make it, what you put out,  are you making it good? Are you focusing on the bad? And do you appreciate what you have?
It’s all a choice, chose wisely….

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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