The March heard around the world

The march heard around the world

On Saturday I was proud to march with  a friend who was a Marjory Stoneman Douglas alumni at the Parkland march for our lives ralley.
This was an emotional day for her and the many others who had went to that school. She knew the teachers that were killed, she walked those halls, had classes in the same rooms as so many people died, she couldn’t believe this could happen in her beloved school.

So many people felt the same way, how did this happen in this quiet little town, in one of the safest areas of South Florida? So many of us just can’t wrap our heads around it.

We sat there and listened to one after another, as each students describe what it was like to be there the day of the shooting. Each person that got up on the podium to speak, made us cry more. Telling of how they lost their best friend, watched their teacher or saw their brother get killed in front of their own eyes.
Yet through all the pain they¬†showed a strenght, they showed a courage to never let this happen to another school again. The message was clear here in Parkland and all around the world on Saturday “Enough is enough”

These students took this in their own hands, they were going to start a revolution, they were going to change things because us as adults have not.
They planned the rallies all over the country, they through social media made their voices heard and they pulled off one of the biggest events we had seen in years!

They reported 800,000 people marched in Washington and 30,000 marched in Parkland, many other cities across the United States and the world also came together to march as well. This was something we have not seen since Martin Luther King days.

It was an emotional day to say the least and the most emotional part came when we walked past the school itself, there was a silence in the crowd. There were flowers and signs, candles and teddy bears and crosses for the 17 people who had lost their lives there. People walked by with tears streaming down their faces, feeling the heartbreak, thinking that you send your child to school and then you never see them again. It was overwhelming the emotion we all felt that day.

I was proud to be there with these young people, our next generation who will run the world soon and to know that they did all of this.
That yes they have the heart, the love, the compassion and the strenght to fight against injustice. Good for them and I am glad I was part of their history.

I see much hope in our future through your eyes and I am here to say keep it up, change the world, make it a better place, stand up for your rights and these injustices and never stop being the voice of others who no longer have one.
You are our future, make it a great one.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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