My dating Fiasco’s

My dating Fiasco’s

These last few years in dating as a single women has been a trip to say the least.

When I first got separated I didn’t date those first two years as I needed time to find me, time to forgive him and to own my part in the dismise of my marriage except for a Stella got her groove back moment, I stayed alone.

Then after my divorce I met a much younger man, he was sweet, fun and just what I needed at the time but we both wanted different things so we parted ways as friends. I had a few dates and then I met Mr.Con Artist.
If you don’t know who he is read my old blogs, ever seen the movie The other women? Well that was my story plus 3 other women, and yes, I am friends with his ex wife! I can not make this shit up, people… I am serious!

He left a horrible taste in my mouth about dating and men in general, so for the following year I didn’t date at all, I threw myself into my book and my new home remodeling job.

After being dateless for a year and all of my projects done I thought I would try dating again….yuggg maybe being single and alone was better! Here is my dating fiasco review since then.

1- Mr. I look nothing like my one picture:
As I found out walking around for 20 minutes looking for “him”

2- Mr. I hate everyone:
Who was half white and half black but proceeded to tell me how his idea of the order of races should go, with black and Spanish being in the bottom of the barrel. “Oh, did you not notice your half black and by the way I’m half Puerto Rican”
As he stood there watching me walk away with his mouth open.

3- Mr. I am Doctor so I must be important in my own mind:
That gave me 60 seconds to send him my name and number, I told him I only needed one second to tell him what a pompous ass I thought he was.

4- Mr. Hi here’s my junk:
After exchanging numbers he text me “Hi, how are you” “Fine how’s your day going?”
“Good” then BAM  here’s a pic of my junk! Seriously?
People I can’t make this shit up!!

Note: to all of you guys who send pics of your junk…your junk better be some extraordinary junk because otherwise I will be showing it to all my friends and we will all be laughing at your junk for days!!

5- Mr. I’m so famous in my own mind:
Who wanted me to come to his house and when I asked if he thought I was crazy, that I would never go to some man’s house I didn’t know. Hello….I’m a New Yorker I know better than that, he said he would come out on the patio and wave to me  because he was “so famous” He should be worried about me!
(BTW it was one newspaper article about him being the world’s youngest world traveler, great feat but doesn’t make you “famous” only in your own mind)

6- Mr. I want a relationship in one date:
He didn’t have a medium button, he talked about “Our relationship” Hello, I just met you! The he proceeded to chased me around the pool table and scared me right out the door.

7-Mr. I didn’t say 3 words:
Yes, he said he was shy, but I know I talk enough, I sure as hell don’t need to talk for the both of us!

8- Mr. Lets meet for coffee and I’ll let you watch me drink mine:
Yes, he never even offered me a cup of coffee! And this wasn’t Stsrbucks 4.00 coffee this was Dunkin donuts 1.35 coffee.
I had just came from the gym and had my keys and my phone, no purse, no pockets, no money and I sat there watching him drink coffee while he never asked if I wanted anything. He then had the nerve to call to ask me out again, my answer…..”What so I can watch you drink your coffee in front of me again…no thanks”

9. Mr. My ex is a bi-polar bitch: when I found out that it was him who was a passive aggressive, controlling asshole and his ex wife turned out to be a amazing women and yes, I am friends with her as well now!

10. Mr. I want a relationship until we get into one:
Then I realized that he still had way too much baggage that he never dealt with from his past. Too late for me and my broken heart.

I’ve learned a lot of things these last few years, like never date a guy with one picture, with pictures from the neck up, with no pictures aka: catfish or married. I learned that so many men are looking for a texting pal or pen pal.
Hello, if I wanted that there are lots of men in prison that would be happy to do that??Wtf??

They say they want relationships, yet talk about sex throughout their profiles or have half naked pics of themselves all over.

They say women are gold diggers yet post pictures of their cars, boats, homes and toys, really??

Men lost the art of dating, no longer do they take you out to dinner, or hell even lunch, now it’s a drive by date at a coffee place and if your lucky you’ll get a cup of coffee or maybe just the pleasure of their texts with no meet up in sight. Hello, we are on a dating site to meet…. am I missing something here?
God, I miss the days of real gentlemen and real dating…

Just so you don’t think it’s me, I did meet my first boyfriend from a dating site and have meet a few nice guys, just no connection, no chemistry in person but still nice guys.

So yes, I believe there are still nice guys out there and
no, I don’t think all men are dogs, I just seemed to attract more of the dog type, see I said that in past tense as I no longer want to out that out in the universe.

So today my friends, my biggest tip to this dating thing is to have a sense of humor, laugh, call your friends laugh about your disastrous dates. Keep trying, keep a open mind, you never know…the next one could be the one…
And in my case if not, well…it could be my next blog!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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