Owning your diffences

Owning your differences

Yesterday while I was talking to a friend, she told me about the people that she worked with, they were our age yet still acted like they were in high school.

They gossiped and talked about people, they had theirĀ “clicks” and anyone who was not like them, they excluded and then talked about.
Now you would think that by this age, people would be over this already but here’s the thing, some people don’t learn and grow, some people are just stuck in a place that they felt they were “popular” Hey it worked for them back then…

But the thing about life is we are supposed to learn, to grow, to change. We are supposed to open our minds and our hearts to new things or new or different people. Why is it that some people are afraid of different, of people who don’t conform, people who aren’t afraid to dance to the beat of their own drummer?

I embrace people’s differences, at any given time my table looks like the United nations, Black, White, Spanish, Jewish, Christian, gay, straight, holy roller or thug I love them all.

This weekend while I was at this conference one of the morning rituals we did was go around to as many people we could and hold hands with them, introduceĀ  yourself and then say “I am empowered by your….” and then tell them what you felt from them.
Most of my feed back was my smile and the fact that I really look at a person and saw their souls. Over and over I heard that from complete strangers.
Yes, I see people’s souls, yes, I was the person who brought new people in school to our lunch table, I reached out, it didn’t matter if you were a jock, a stoner, a geek, a misfit, I welcomed you because I saw through to your soul.

I don’t talk about people or put people down for their differences, I applaud their courage to be different in a world of conformists. It takes alot more courage to be different, then to conform.

The problem is it scares people, it makes people look inside themselves because maybe they aren’t being their true and authentic selves, maybe they are afraid of new things, still stuck. Maybe they are jealous that they can’t or won’t walk in their own light.
Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter, you need to own your differences, your uniqueness, own what makes you, you.

Last year at my cousins wedding, they said it was formal, well their version of formal and ours were completely different. When we arrived in gowns and furs my girls said “Mom we are really extra” I looked at them and said pull your shoulders back, hold your head high and own your extraness!”

Yes, own your extraness, your whatever it is that God gave you to be different, own it. Don’t conform, don’t worry about the haters, don’t care what anyone one else thinks, does that effect anything in your life? Do they pay your bills? Does their opinion really mean anything in the big picture? No! Let it go, say a prayer for their pettiness, say a prayer that your glad your not like them and then move on.

So today my friends remember you are specially and wonderfully made, you are unique, different and one of a kind, own your extraness, own your differences, it is what this world needs.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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