Listen to your heart, your head is stupid

Follow your heart, your head is stupid

Yesterday I wrote a blog about owning your differences, being true to your authentic self, today’s blog also goes along with listening to your authentic self.

We all think our head is the smart one, we are intelligent, we listen to our heads when it comes to all of our decisions. When we should be listening to our hearts, our hearts will never steer us wrong. Even when something seems good, but you have that feeling that says no, something doesn’t feel right, because it’s not and your heart knows that even if your head is showing you something different.

Tony Robbins said when you don’t think with your heart, you are dead and it’s true how many of us do the right thing? Do what our parents wanted us to do? What society thinks is right or should do? We follow the masses.

When we say we don’t want to go into the family business that generations have done before us, because we want to follow our hearts, our purpose, people think you are crazy because you won’t conform.

Following your heart is such a bad thing nowadays, it’s seems like your lazy, your not committed but it is what your suppose to be doing, just like owning your differences, this is who you were born to be, to do.

So why do so many people push against this? To keep the peace? To make others happy? This is your calling, this is your path, you need to listen to your intuition.

Ahhh….that other word… “intuition” that word that no one wants to talk about or listen to. Yes, we are all born with it, when we are children we didn’t need someone to tell us if someone was creepy, we automatically knew it from our intuition.

As we grew, our parents and society told us to poo poo those feelings and so we lost the ability to listen to them. But we all still have them, we have that feeling inside that we can’t shake, we know without knowing or seeing, we just feel it.

We need to listen to the red flags, we always hear that I saw red flags, you didn’t see them, you felt them but you didn’t listen, you kept going despite all the warning signs because your head said hey I don’t see anything, it’s not tangible, so go ahead.

While your heart was screaming, “Stop! Listen to me, run Forrest run!”
But because we think our heads are smarter then our hearts, we don’t listen and time and time again we learn that we should have listened to our hearts, to our intuition.

We need to listen to our hearts, we need to live our authentic life, we need to learn how to live our lives large, to be true to ourselves, it is only then that you are truly living your best life.

Forget what society says, what others say, this is your life, you get one shot this lifetime, use it to the best of your ability. Be what God or whatever your higher power called you to be, find your purpose, dance to the beat of the drummer in your soul, listen to your heart because your head is stupid.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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