Your not by yourself

Your not by yourself

Yesterday I went to support my girlfriend, an amazing young women who created this documentary I am blessed to be in, while she was getting interviewed by our camera man/Pastor.

I went to his “church” a room in the African American center in Miami, but let me tell you, it didn’t matter how small his congregation was, it was how big his heart is and how passionate he is about God and this project.

Trinka spoke from her heart, about the abuse she suffered throughout her life, she was real and raw and brought us all to tears. This was the reason she wanted to make this documentary, she wanted to shine the light on this ugly, dark subject, she wanted others to speak up, to have a voice.

After the interview Pastor Leroy asked if anyone wanted him to pray for them, if they were dealing or had dealt with this. From this small group of like 20 people, 3 women stepped forward, even I was surprised.

He prayed over them, he held them, we cried with them and they let go of their past hurts and prayed to be whole again.

See we all think we are the only one’s carrying all the trauma in our past, we all think we are all alone, but this showed me that we all can related if we shine light, if we tell our truth.

Afterwards one young girl came over and said she had never spoken her truth before but because of Trinka and the rest of us she felt like she wasn’t alone. She wanted to get help, to let this go, to become whole again and she thanked us. We held her, we told her we know what she is going through, we told her this is why we have all come forward to help others heal.

This gave us confirmation that we needed to do this, to take our message around the country, around the world, to show others they are not alone. To show others how we healed, how we went from victims to victorious, how we overcame this and how far we have come.

For us our salvation was God and our faith, for others it may be whatever their higher power is, but whatever it may be we are here to support you, to be there and let you know you are not alone.

This is my purpose as I know it is for Trinka and Pastor Leroy as well. God placed this in our hearts to reach out, to touch others, to tell our stories. I am blessed to be part of this and be able to give, no matter how small, some peace to someone out there that thought they were alone, that they couldn’t talk about it, that it was burning a hole in their souls┬áthat they were filling with self hatred, depression, men, drugs and alcohol or anything else to try to cover up the pain they were feeling.

We want this to open up discussions in schools, in churches and at home, we need to talk about this.

So today my friends I am here humbled and filled with gratitude to be part of this, to be able to touch others with our story and my words. To be part of this group of amazing and brave people who have came forward to do the same thing.

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Unless we share, unless we speak our truth, this will still go on, this will still be kept underground, we need to be the light, we need to know we are not alone, you need to know your not alone, your not by yourself.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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