What is fear?

What is Fear?

What is fear?

Or it can be:
Forget everything and run
Face everything and rise.

Fear is what you chose it to be, there’s that word again, chose, you chose to be stuck in fear and run or you chose to face it and rise.

Dr. Smily Blanton said fear is the most desperate of all human diseases.
It kills dreams, it kills hopes, it makes you sick, it ages you and it holds you back, so then what is the benefit of fear?

It’s a good crutch for some, a good excuse for not doing something, I can’t…I’m afraid, it’s too scary.

Fear has another benefit, it strengthens your muscles, it makes you face what you fear, if you chose to, it will make you stronger. You know the saying what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger, it’s true.

I remember being stuck in fear, always saying I can’t take care of myself. What if I can’t pay the rent? What if I can’t take care of my girls? What if I never find another man? So many what if’s that I was literally stuck in this horrible marriage. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t do anything because fear ruled my life.

I remember being a white knuckle flyer, I was scared to death of flying, I would go into a panic as soon as we took off. I held on to the seat like my life depended on it and to me it did.

I loved to travel but this was holding me back so after years I decided to change it, I decided to cure my fear.
I had to overcome it and so I jumped out of a plane.
Hey, if your going to do it, do it big!

Yes, I jumped out of a plane, and yes, I thought I was going to die, because not only was it a plane but it was a 1950’s old, beat up crop duster plane no less, oh, I thought I would shit in my pants for sure!

But I overcame the fear by facing it head on and guess what? Not only did I live, not only did I conquer my fears, I didnt shit in my pants either!

Yes, I overcame what I feared most, when I finally left my marriage, I remembered thinking…
I jumped out of a plane, I’ve been through so many losses, a rape, an abortion, drug and alcohol addiction, 2 suicide attempts, Hello! I can survive anything!

Think about all you’ve been through in your lives, things at the time you never thought you would get through, yet you did. You got past fear, you got past the hardest times because you didn’t give up. That’s the secret, didn’t think it was so easy did you?

Yes, you have gotten through things before and if you keep living, life will definitely throw some more shit at you, I guarantee that.
But the good news is that you will overcome that as well, as long as you let go of fear.

So today my friends, remember it’s up to you, it’s your choice to stay stuck, to be afraid, to forget everything and run or to face everything and rise, you get to decide what fear is.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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