Lost in translation, texting today

Lost in translation….texting today

I have to talk about texting, as it is the number one form of communication in today’s dating world, oh hell in the entire world’s communication.

Texting is this generations most use form of communication. Don’t get me wrong it’s great for things like your kids telling you to bring home milk, or to tell you they got there or got home okay. It’s great to tell someone your running late or that you can’t talk right now but as solely a means for communication, some things get lost in translation.

Back in the stone ages, we had phones attached to the wall, you waited for hours for someone to call and God forbid you had to go to the bathroom and then the phone finally decides to ring.
There you are, running out with your pants around your ankles trying not to fall on your face to grab the phone before it stops ringing and then trying to act like your not out of breath so that you don’t seem desperate or like you were waiting on their call!
Oh, so many of you are laughing right now at that memory!

We had long conversations on the phone, we heard disappointment, sadness and happiness in someone’s voice. If you said something stupid you could correct yourself fast and explain what you really meant. God, it was so much easier back then when we actually spoke to each other.

Now with texting, you can’t tell if someone is joking, mad or aggravated and if someone doesn’t use punctuation.. Oh forget it! Your totally lost!

I was having a conversation with a guy I met online recently and I was in a rush, as I was off to a clients house but wanted to at least answer him back and it came off like I was pissed and he said so.
I tried to explain the situation but that took another 10 minutes..yuggg!

Last week, as it was a long week and I was aggravated about something that happened with one of my clients. I was texting someone that I have been talking to and his answer to me was “Smh” which I took for like…whatever…and then I got mad and said “Thanks for you support! Not!!”
It wasn’t until later my cousin informed me that “Smh” meant shaking my head, like he couldn’t believe what my client did either. Who knew? Obviously not me! So I had to call and apologize for my response. See how fast texting can go down hill?

Now let’s talk about what’s with the fact that you text someone and they don’t text you back for hours or days?? This pisses me off to no extent.

Look fool, I know you have that phone attached to your hand 24/7. You even pee with it in your hand and yet here I am waiting for hours or days for a response? Wtf?

No one knows anything about real conversation anymore, gone are the days you meet someone and you spend hours on the phone with them and you fell sleep with the phone in your hand…again your laughing, well…you are if your in my generation!

No today it goes:

“How are you?”
………………….5 hours later
“Good, you”
“Great, what are doing this weekend?”
………………….. three days later
“Well, that’s good since the dam weekend is already past!”

Uggggg…..is this just me? Or does texting make us stupider?
What the hell is going on with today’s society?
Sorry I am a writer and I can not get my point across in three words or less…impossible! This is not name that tune (Again dinosaur reference)

This was not invented to have full out conversations, yet we are trying to do that with it.

And here’s one that I am “Smh” about… sending dick pics through text! Really???
You haven’t even met and a few good morning texts later you think it’s okay to send a picture of your junk?
Don’t…because I will tell you off, make you feel stupid and show all my friends and laugh at you! For the love of God, don’t do it!!

And then there is the worst of all, people breaking up with people via text. You got to be kidding? You have no balls at all, you are the scum of the earth in my book. Grow a pair, stand up and be a man, face her, it’s the least you can do as your about to hurt another human being.

One of my last relationships, I had to do via the phone and it killed me. I wanted to be face to face, but I lived 1500 miles away and it couldn’t wait a second longer.
Okay… but I sure the hell didn’t do it using a text and I was 1500 miles and so I couldn’t run over there to do it in person.

Dating in the second half of our life’s is tough. We are new to this, all of this technology, online dating, relationships via texting, flaky unconnected people…this was not like it was in the stone ages…but we must adapt and grow otherwise we will be left behind and alone.

So today my friends, remember this is a whole new game, texting has become a part of our everyday lives, but we must be respectful of others, we must think about how our words are coming across, we must for the love of God… use punctuation!

This one thing can mean a world of difference…
Let’s eat grandma
Let’s eat, grandma
Have a laugh on me today! While we are lost in translation.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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