Imagination is the preview of life’s coming attractions

Imagination is the preview to lifes coming attractions

That is a quote from Albert Einstein and I love it because it’s so true.
Think about it, remember when in the dark ages when we use to talk on the phone with a cord attached to the wall? Well someone said imagine if I can take this phone outside or to the bathroom so I don’t miss that important call and have to run down the stairs with my pants around my ankles trying to get it in time. Okay, all of you of a certain age are laughing now because you remember doing just that.
Well someone imagined that and then made it a possibility, they made it a preview of life’s coming attractions.

What about when it took days or weeks to go somewhere by car, someone said imagine if you could fly there in days? And then the Wright brothers made a plane and we did just that.

Edison said imagine if we had a light bulb and we didn’t need oil lamps and after 990 times of trying, thank God he didn’t give up, we now all have light bulbs lighting up our homes.

Yes, what we imagine we can have, my favorite Steve Harvey quote is “You need to stop making your dreams the size of your paychecks”

Doesn’t matter that it seems impossible, hell don’t you think at some point Edison thought his dream was impossible but his imagination was bigger than his fear.

He imagined that it would work, he imagined that homes would have lamps with bulbs, I’ll bet he went to sleep dreaming about the end results.
We need to not worry about how the middle will work out, we just need to imagine what we want and we need to see the end result. The rest leave to God, the universe or whoever your higher power is, to take take care of the rest.

We just need to have the imagination to dream big. Yes, I dream big, I put it out there all the time, I look at it every day on my vision board, I go to sleep dreaming, imagining the life God has for me. Yes, in reality it seems too big of a dream at this age, but nothing is impossible if you believe. There is no doubt that one day I will be sitting in that chair at Oprah’s house in Hawaii on Super Soul Sunday or on a film set laughing with Tyler Perry about the scenes for the movie of my life.
Laugh…but remember that Jim Carey carried around a check he wrote to himself for a million dollars for years, he knew it was coming, he saw it, felt it, imagined it and it came to pass.
Steve Harvey while homeless dreamt of a piece of property that would be his own, he dreamt of being on TV, now he has 7 not 1 but 7 Tv shows and hundreds of acres of land.

Don’t you think people said to them, “Please that is never going to happen, give that fantasy up! It’s a pipe dream, your too old, too poor, too much of a dreamer” but they didn’t listen and neither should you. I sure the hell don’t listen to them, say what you want but when your sorry ass sees me on Oprah or on the red carpet with Tyler Perry you won’t be laughing then. Don’t worry about what others say, it’s your dream not theirs.

So today my friends, remember to imagine, to dream, to believe for big things, bigger than your paychecks, bigger than anyone you know, so big it seems impossible because I am telling you your imagination is the preview to lifes coming attractions!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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