Understanding women

Understanding women

I laugh when I hear men say they don’t understand women, I think, then you don’t listen. Women aren’t hard to understand, yes we are wired differently but basically we come from man’s rib, we want and need the same things men do.
So here are the 10 easy steps to understand us:

1. Don’t lie to us
This is universal, no one wants to be lied to, period. Be honest, if you don’t want a relationship say so, if you just want to hook up say that. Be real and that would solve so many problems.

2. Be loyal

Oh, this is a big one you men can’t seem to get. If you can’t keep your dick in your pants don’t start a relationship, be a player and be upfront about it. We will respect you more than dragging our hearts through the mud because you can’t control your dick.

3. Listen

Another big one here, all you have to do is listen, we talk…alot. So just listen we will tell you what we want, how we’ve been hurt, what our hopes and dreams are, what we are looking for, its a frigging road map to our hearts, just listen and follow it.

3. Be romantic

This goes along with listening, most women grew up with the Prince charming fantasy. They want flowers, a love note, you doing the dishes or making breakfast. The little things that tell her you love her, you care, it doesn’t have to even cost anything, just your time and energy.

4. Compliment us

Tell us we are beautiful, that your proud of us, that you believe in our dreams. Grab our ass’s, hold our hands, hold us when we cry and tell us it will be okay. Let us know how much you love us, pretty simple.

5. Just be there

You don’t have to solve all our problems, you don’t need to know all the answers, we don’t expect that from you, just be there for us. Let us know we can vent to you and know that sometimes we are not looking for you to solve anything, we just like to talk our shit out to come to our own decisions.

6. Make us laugh

To me funny is the new sexy, if you can make me laugh that will go along way. It will make me feel better when I’m down, it will keep a smile on my face and it will also make disagreements end quicker if we are laughing, because you can’t be mad and happy at the same time.

7. You don’t always have to be the tough one

Yeah, this is hard for men, you all grew up thinking men don’t cry, you have to be a “man”
That’s bullshit, I want to know my man has emotions, that he has a heart, you don’t have to be the tough one all the time. We are suppose to be a partnership, let us help you, we want to, we need to feel needed, we will be there to listen, it’s okay to show us your emotions.

8. Talk to us

We are your ride or die bitch, we got your back, but you have to talk to us, tell us what’s going on in your heart and in your head. Don’t shut us out, don’t think we don’t understand or can’t handle it, we are built tough, we got you.

9. Don’t be controlling

Some woman like a little jealousy, not much just enough to tell them you are worried about losing us. I can do without either but what men or women don’t want is a crazy person controlling their every move. “Where you at? Who are you with? What time are you coming home? That shit doesn’t feel good to anyone, so leave it alone.

10. Be yourself

Be real, don’t try to impress us because sooner or later the real you will come out and then it will feel like you lied all along, not good.
Either we will like you or we won’t…the money, the fancy car or clothes will only work in the beginning, when we find out you have no substance, no heart or soul we will be gone. So just be you, they say there is a shoe for every foot, keep it real and you’ll find yours.

Bonus one #11
Don’t treat us like shit!!

Yes, think about how it would feel if it was done to you? How would you feel? Would it hurt you? If you even remotely thought yes, then don’t do it to us! Think before you do or say something that will hurt us, put yourself in that person’s shoes and think again.
And if you do hurt us say your sorry, we all screw up, just own your shit.

So today my friends, remember these 11 easy steps to women right here, we are not so hard to figure out and this list is universal, it can go for men as well. We all want these things, we are all the same, we want love, honesty, loyalty, to be listened to, complimented, to laugh, to be able to cry, to know someone has our back and to know if we give our love to someone that they won’t treat it like shit. Pretty basic stuff…
So here is your lesson, copy it, pass it on, give it to your buddies, tape it on your refidge, learn it, let it become your bible on women.
If you do these things, I promise you, you will never have a problem understanding women.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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