The power of love

The power of love

Love… ahhh…love what we all want, long for, hope for…
Love….what makes the world go around…
Love…what all love songs are based on or what it does to us when we are hurt because of it…

Yes, the word love is used to express your emotions.
It’s full potential is invisible, it can bring you hope, honor and peace.

But you may ask how can I love when I am loveless?
How can I forgive, when I am still hurt? How can I experience hope, when I am hopeless?

Yes, a lot of times we can’t see how we can do these things, but without doing them we will stay stuck, we will be disobeying God and his word.

There are 2 types of love:

1. Human love: It is an expression of how you feel, ex.I love you based on my feelings, I love you as long as your doing things that don’t hurt me.

2. God’s love: God’s love is based on a power that only the holy spirit can show you.
You can only express love in its best form through God’s love, pure agape love.

Human love has feelings that are always in the way. You question it, how can you love when you’ve been abused? When you hold it back because your scared and hurt?
If you don’t get the love thing right, your not living in the word of God.

Why do relationships fail? Becuse its not the agape kind of love. It’s based on what you do or don’t do, if I will love you or continue to love you.
If we are going to show God our love, we need to show our love to all, just like Jesus did.

If you operate in human love you will fail, in your job, in your relationships, in life.

Human love has restrictions, it has boundaries, it has what we will put up with and what we won’t. It has like the song says “what have you’ve done for me lately” attached to it.

People will piss you off, they will hurt you, they will abuse you but if you operate through agape love, you love all, even your enemies.

We as Christians need to love, we need agape love, in the bible God speaks of this love 310 times.

When we doubt love, when we hold back love then the unbelievers look at us and think if they can’t love, how could I possible do it. We are meant to be the light for others, we can’t be the light when ours isn’t shining.

“God is love and anyone who does not love, does not know God”

“We love because he first loved us”

“By this, people will know your are my disciples, if you have love one another”

Okay, so this means that I love you unconditionally but I don’t have to be your friend. I can love you but from afar, I don’t have to let you hurt me over and over again. I can forgive you, love you and move on.

Funny thing even as Christians we have hate, we have rasism…yes, even in the church. We have different cultures, different financial backgrounds, different races yet some people think they are better than others. Where is the agape love, in chuch no less?
Even pastors are divided nowadays, people in church have groups and cliques, they only want to love who they deem deserve it, who is holy in their eyes.

One of the greatest speeches recently was by the pastor at the royal wedding, he said.
“There is power in love, don’t underestimate it, not just in a romantic form but in all forms. It actually feels right and there is a reason for it and it has to do with the source…God is the source of love and he empowers you to love”

The power of love calls you to see beyond race, culture, hurts and religion.

Love empowers you to put God first in all you do.

“I seek first the power of God and all his righteousness”

What have you done to demonstrate the power of love? What have you done for others? What have you given away? When have you turned the other cheek? You have to love every day, that’s the power of love.

So today my friends remember love makes the world go around, love fills our hearts and soul, love pleases God, take a moment tell someone you love them, show love by your actions, love your enemies, yes even them…
It is then when you will know the true meaning of Christ and what he was sent here to teach us. Even on his last breathe he asked his father to forgive us, because he was agape love in the truest form.
That is the power of love.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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