I will….when

I will when I…

I was talking to my girl friend the other night and she said she went out and a few guys approached her. I asked if she gave them her number and she said no.
I asked why? She said “Well, when I lose this weight, I’ll date then”

Hello! Did they say “Hey I’m only approaching you because IF you lose weight I’ll like to date you?” No! They liked you just like you are, now!

Why must we all think like this…
When I get a better job…
When I lose 30 pounds…
When I get that promotion…
When I get some more money…
When I find the perfect someone…
It’s always when…insert your excuse here…

But I’m here to tell you, when may never come.
I’ve learned this by losing many, many people in my life, that tomorrow is not guaranteed.

You may cross the street and get hit by a bus, you may be healthy today and die of a heart attack tomorrow in the gym no less, like a guy did last week. We never know if this will be our last day or our last breathe.

I remember my grandma use to have stuff in her drawers with tags on them and when I was little I would say “Why don’t you wear this, Grandma, it’s new”
She would say “It’s not new, but I’m saving it for a special occasion”

When she passed and we were going through her drawers years and years after this conversation, I found all of these same things still with the tags on.

For years she never thought it was a special occasion enough to wear them, she kept waiting for the next bigger thing that never came.
Or if it did, she thought something bigger would come so she would wait.

So she died never appreciating the days that were good, never living in the moment because she was always waiting for the next one to be better.

How sad is that? Yet so many of you, just like my girlfriend are doing the exact thing. I learned to live in the moment, to appriciate every second. I don’t care if I’m not where I want to be, if I don’t have enough money, if I’m not with the love of my life, it doesn’t matter, I am living my life large, now!

I remember a friend of mine when I asked if she wanted to go with me to Jamaica, she said “No, I’m saving that for my honeymoon”

Mind you, she had been single for many years, with no prospects in sight. “Why wait, I said, we’ll have a blast” but she refused to go, six months later she was dead, cancer, just like that, gone.

I remember her saying she should have gone and seen the place she dreamt of for so many years.
Regrets…I don’t want any. I want to do things now, I may not be skinny enough, I may never be skinny enough. I may not have enough money, no matter how much money you make, your never going to have enough. I might not have a partner but I’m not going to sit in the house and pray and cry waiting until someone knocks on my door. No, I’m going to enjoy my life right now! This minute, this second!

So today my friends, remember my blog yesterday in which I talked about the world famous designer Kate Spade who killed herself.
From the outside it looked like she had everything, money, fame, a beautiful family yet it was not enough to save her from herself.
Your never going to get it perfect, your never going to have everything in the right place, the right way and it’s okay. Go with the flow, be grateful for what you do have, where you are today, live in that moment, appriciate how far you’ve come and stop saying I will….when.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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