There are 365 verses in the Bible that says fear not

There are 365 verses in the bible that says fear not

I know that fear once ruled my life, I was stuck, I felt hopeless, I never thought my situation would ever change. It had gotten so bad that I wanted it to end not once but twice in my lifetime and when both times went awry, I figured that I had to try something different.

It was then I gave my life to God, it was then I realized that I couldn’t do this by myself. I could be filled with fear or I could be filled with hope, I couldn’t be happy and be sad, I couldn’t feel hopeless and feel gratitude at the same time. I had to make a choice, which was it? Do I believe or do I have fear?

I chose to believe, even through the storms, I believed when I started this business as I was getting divorced, not taking care of myself for years, listening to him telling me I was worthless and couldn’t make it without him, even when my own mother told me I couldn’t do it, I believed in God, in his words “Fear not”

I believed him, as I knew what I was doing on my own wasn’t working. I knew what worrying, fear and stress did to me, it kept me from sleeping, from eating, it made my hair fall out, made me rush to the hospital thinking I was dying, for the doctor’s to tell me that it was stress…now here’s a bill you can’t pay for thousands of dollars to add to that! Have a nice day.

No, none of that worrying or stress change my circumstances, so why did I keep holding on to fear? It was comfortable, it was what I knew, it kept me in check, kept me misrable.

One day I decided to “Fear not” for everything in my life…my business, my bills, my children, everything…
I chose to let go of fear and I chose to follow God, to believe he can do anything.
It has not been easy, believe me when you give your life over to God, most people think things are going to be perfect and nothing bad will ever happen again, ha!

Reality check, no… you will still be on your knees asking “Didn’t I do all the right things, pray, forgive, tithe, come to church, love one another yet why God, is this still happening to me?”

But the difference is you won’t fear the future, you won’t fear the unknown for you know he has you in his hands and he will take care of it on his time, not yours. There may be lessons you still need to learn as I’ve learned before you can move on, before your season comes.

Yes, I have been through many storms and even still the storms still come, since I’ve turned my life over to God but the difference is I no longer worry…I pray and let God worry.
I step out past my fears, into peace knowing he will take care of me. As long as I trust him and the 365 times he speaks of “Fear not” I am good.

So today my friends remember you can do it, you can step out on faith, past your fears, you can change your life, it’s all up to you….
“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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