4 realities of life

4 realities of life

We sometimes think that evil tends to prevail over good, especially lately. With all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to think that.

But we know that God rules the world in righteous.
Where there seems to be bitterness, sadness, hatred in this world today, remember that God still rules the world.

We need to know that “What you sow you will reap”
You get what you deserve from God…

We need to comply to the laws of the land, even though we are not of this world, we still live in this world, and have to abide to it’s rules.
But we need not to forget that the we need to let the Lord fight your battles, we are all dealing with problems and issues but the solutions of life is found in the word of God. To the many questions you have concerning your life,  all can be found in the word of God.
The way to live successfully, is to live God’s way.
We need to remember what we speak out in the world, what we speak over our lives, will come to pass.
“What soever man thinks he will become”

So many people think that once you become Christian your free of problems, but being a Christian does not mean your problems will go away, just because you are born again doesn’t mean your problems will disappear, they won’t.  Maybe your doing everything right and the enemy is attacking you becuse he knows what blessings God is going to give to you.

God knows if your real or a fake, he knows if you at fault, or if your not sorry. He knows everything about you, so you are delusional if you are walking around thinking your hiding something from him, there is nothing he doesn’t know or will forgive.

Somehow we have gottem into this thing that’s it’s unChristian like to show your pain, your hurts.
We pretend everything is good, that we are perfect, that we are so “Christian”
Yet none of us are without hurts and pain.
We can’t pretend we are not frustrated at times, that we don’t call out to him asking “Why? Why God?”
Or my favorite “When God?”

Let’s be real, you need to go to the word of God, you need to fill yourself up, go to church, do your purpose, help others, you need to be in his presence.

Ask yourself how can God cover to us when we come already covered?
We are all going around saying we are all good, we got this.
We just need to open up to God, tell him our mistakes, own our stuff, so he can transform our mistakes into our testimonies.
One of the best quotes I’ve heard this year was
“We were all born looking like out parents but we will die looking like our decisions”

We make decisions every day, every minute, we have a choice, what are we choosing?

Has every person you come in contact been difficult? Are they here to teach you lessons? It is in those tough decisions, where we built our character.
God is here, don’t block the people who need to help us the most. Or are they here to teach us a lesson? We need to rememeber who are we to judge? Our job is recognized people for who they are, are they here for a season, a lesson, or a lifetime?
What I can tell you is there are 4 realities of life a and here they are.

4 realities of life:

1. There’s a starting point: Everyone starts out at the same point.

2. Choices are given: All of us are given choices.

3. We make mistakes:
We all make mistakes..own up to them

4. Success or failure is your choosing:
You choose success or you choose failure, again it’s a choice you get to make.

When you operate in a spiritual realm not a physical one, you get to chose, you get to change,  you get to tell your testimony.

“But the natural man receive it not the things of the spirit of God for they are fooliness unto him: neither can he know them because they are spiritually desernd”

God had stuff for you, it was written before you were born…
Even though the enemy is coming at you, all the stuff he has for you, you might lose if you are not spiritually desern, you may fall into his traps but if you remain faithful to God he will turn it around for you.
He has you, but the real question is do you have him?

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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