Amazing what a year can do!

Its amazing how much your life can change in a year, just when your in your darkest moment, when you feel like you will never see the sun again, when you don’t know why you are here.

When you feel unloved and unappreciated and you just don’t have the strength to go on.

Someone appears by God grace and helps you get past that moment to realize that you can go on one more day, one more week, one more month! Little by little you pull yourself up out of the hole you were once in and start believing that might change.

Small changes, then more faith, then bigger changes, a little more belief and before you realize you are in a new place, in a new space and you look back over the long hard journey it took you to get there and think I did it! I survived!

Bit then you realize no not only have you survived , you are living a life you couldn’t even dream for yourself, it is bigger and better than you dreamt of!

My friend helped me last year on the night where I was thisclose to ending it , he pulled me back and made me realize I was worthy, that things will change , that little bit of hope kept me going and his kind words saved my life.

So last night I got to pay it forward to tell my testimony to someone else who was in their darkest place yesterday, to be able to say “I know where you are and I am telling you to hold in, look at me it will get better! I promise you in a year you will look back and be amazed!”

They wrote to thank me  but there will never be a need for thanks, I need to pay it forward it is my purpose why I am here, that I may help others, that through my pain and experiences I may touch someone , inspire someone, give hope to someone. .. this is my purpose, Gods calling on my life.

So this year make it your resolution to pay it forward, you never know how your kind word, your smile, your friendship can change another’s life.

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