How much do you love?

Valentines day is not just for lovers, it about all people that have touched your heart, its a day to remember your loved ones  and let them know how important they are to you.

I am blessed to have many people in my life that have touched my heart and changed my life. Love is the most important thing in your life, it makes life worth living.

My greatest love is my girls, I never knew such a love until I carried my girls and held them in my arms the minute they were born. It was a love that was overwhelming and it took my breath away.

I also have such love for my family and my friends who are there for me, who have my back and love me unconditionally, these wonderful people make my life so fulfilling and make me realize how blessed I am.

I now have found that I can also open up my heart to another relationship, even after being hurt before.

I know that with so much love in all the other area’s of my life , I also need to have it in my personal life, I have missed wanting to do something special for someone just to see them smile, holding hands, or cuddling when its cold, dancing in the kitchen or just thinking of them during the day.

So I have given that a chance as well because you can’t have too much love in your life. So for this valentines day I want to thank all the wonderful people who fill my heart with love.

My wish for you is that you open up your heart to be able to see how much you are truly loved and how much love you have to give.

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