Not dealing with backstabbing friends

As I always say I am blessed with an abundance of wonderful friends and if your my friend I will be your friend for life.

You never have to question my friendship, I will do anything for my friends, I  have many of times stood up for them, I was their voice when injustice was done and will continue to do so.

If you hurt my friend, you have hurt me just as deeply as they are hurt. I am loyal to a fault and I am their biggest cheerleader but when you do me wrong, it is over I am way to old and have way to many friends to play games, life is too short to deal with phony two faced friends.

Yes I know sometimes things are said and you have fights , I am not unforgiving,  no I am talking about throwing you under the bus, nice in your face talk crap behind your back “friends”

How do you put out publicly that you thing someone is a snake and the next day you like their posts? Really did the first part just magically disappear?

How do you disrespect someone , deliberately trying to hurt and embarrass them  and then post nice things on their page?

I see grey on a lot of issues but this is black and white for me, either your my friend, you got my back or your not period!I am no longer in high school, your not going to be friend today and then hang out with another group tomorrow and talk behind my back the next those days are long gone.

I am a grown ass women, and the way you can tell the difference between a woman and a girl is a real women will have no problem lifting her other women friends up, she will be happy when they find the perfect man or the incredible job promotion,  they wont call each other bitches or be jealous or envious.

These are emotions I no longer have or have time for just as I no longer have time for phony friends.

I will be filling my next half of my life with people who are true , that love me and are supporting to me as I am for them.

Take your little girl issues and go home, take your horrible remarks and your dirty laundry and bring them with you back to high school, This bus is for real , self assurant ,praise giving women only! The special bus will be coming along any minute for you!

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