A blast from the past

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A blast from the past

Its amazing how life is, how all of a sudden your going along and something will totally blow you away.

This week was like that for me, all of a sudden three people from my past came out of now where and hit me up.
I am still shocked by it…
And I am still trying to wrap my brain around how 30 years go by and when you talk to them it’s like it was yesterday, you pick up right where you left off.

It’s has been a tough week for me after losing a dear friend suddenly, the same day I found this out, in my email was a letter from an old friend saying he could use a little of my postive attitude.
I was floored, I hadn’t heard from him in years, we exchanged numbers and he called me and I have to tell you, he was exactly like I remembered him, we laughed and caught up for hours.

Then two days later I get a Facebook message from one of my best friends I had growing up.
I had to read it twice as I thought I was seeing things, could this be possible? Two people who I was so close to and had lost touch with, contacting me in one week?

He was my best friend since I was 11 years old, he was my protector, my big brother. We were inseparably, you didn’t see me without him or him without me.
Even later on after we graduated I even lived with him and his fiancé in Florida for a while.

I have to tell you there’s nothing like talking to someone who knows you from when you were little. There is that bond you have, memories that you share that could never be replaced. That no one else gets it or could ever relate to you like that person.

Especially when you grow up in a small town and you all know everyone, that makes it even more special, that make the bond even tighter.

It’s amazing where life takes us, how each of us went down different paths in our journeys yet somehow reconnected like a big circle.

The following day someone  from my past Facebooked  me and asked if I remembered him… now sometimes your past needs to stay in your past for a reason.

Yes, this person was a person I will never forget but not for the same reasons as my last two friends I spoke to.

No, this was someone who made my life a living hell for months by staking me..do I remember him?…how could I ever forget and no 30 years didn’t dim that memory.

Funny thing how this life is like 8 degrees of separation. The first friend and his family came to my rescue when they found out it was him staking me…and now 30 years later they both contacted me in the same week…spooky…
definitely spooky to say the least.

Life has a way of throwing us curve balls, it will take someone out of you life and then put someone eles in it.
You never know what this crazy thing called life will do.
There is a saying… in just one day…you can get a new job, you can fall in love…your whole life can change in just one day… that has never been more true than this week for me.

So today my friends, you never know what can happen,  who you will reconnect with, who should stay in your past, who you will lose, who you will love…l tell you this all the time, life is too short enjoy every moment…live big, laugh often, love large!

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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