A life changing night!

If you ready my blog you know that the last three years I have been attending a church called The Faith Center,the people there and my Bishop has literally saved my life and I am externally grateful.

So once a year, the first week of the year we pray and fast to thank God for all he has done and all he will do this new year.

This is our gift to him and on the 6th day we do a shut in with prayer and worship for hours, then we all get anointed by the Bishop so we will be ready and blessed for all that is coming in this year.

Well Friday night was a life changing night, I have never seen or felt anything like it before and to hive you background I was not a believer beore in church or the workings of it so this whole church thing is new to me!

But even a non believer could see what was going on there, the energy was electrical, you could touch it, it brought people to their knees, it made grown men cry, it was the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.

Right before the Bishop was going to anoint us he stopped and said.

“God wanted me to tell someone here a message (now we have a congration of three thousand people, its a big church)

“Who here is writing a nook and is almost finished with it?”

I raised my hand and look around to all these members I was the only one with their hand raised.

“God said not to worry in the natural how this is going to get published,  how you can get this published, what the grammar and spelling is like , this is your purpose, this testomny is your gift to others, so that you may show them what true faith is and what can happen if you believe,  this is a year of supernatural abundance , this is your season, stop worrying!”

I of course went into the ugly cry because this is what I’ve been praying for , that I publish this book, that I help others that are goimg through what I went through.

To give hope that all things are possible if you believe,  I sat there along time crying knowing , really knowing God’s purpose for my life and knowing that the faith I had before is nothing like the faith I am going to have in the future.

This night was life changing,  I want everyone to be able to feel the peace , joy and love I have in my heart there is no price you can put on it. Its all because I believed, I let go of my fear and let God and my life has changed.

Sooo if everything else hasn’t worked in your life why not try?what do you have  to lose?



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