After the storm

Tuesday Treadmill Treats


After the storm


Well the storm has passed, time to let out a huge sign of relief, that it could have been worse, that we are thankful we are alive and that…it could have been worse…


The last few days have felt like weeks, the stress, the preparation, the worry if we will have a home to come home to.


We’ve been doing this since last Thursday, even through it feels like weeks now. We’ve been getting gas, finding supplies, putting up shutters, bringing in everything you own into your home. For me I had to get buckets, cover my electronics and tv’s because my roof was leaking, I thought for sure I’d be coming home to a house that was completely damaged.


I was planning to ride out the storm by myself, so I set up my safe room in my closet with a radio, water, portable fan, my get away bag with all my important papers, I was ready, this wasn’t my first Rodeo.


As the storm was getting closer my best friend called me in a panic, he said I couldn’t stay there, it was going to be a hurricane 5 and this was crazy. Being by myself in that kind of storm was nuts, I was nuts and he wasn’t having it. He was booking me a ticket anywhere but I was getting out of town, now! And he wasn’t taking no for a answer.


You need to know my best friend, gay or not he is one tough cookie, I still tried to argued, I’m fine, I bought all these supplies, I got the cats, every excuse I could think of…he wasn’t having any of it.


Funny thing is the night before my niece called me and told me to come to Orlando and stay with her and her husband, I thanked her but declined.

“Ok, the only flight I can find you is Orlando and it leaves tonight at 6pm, pack your frigging bags, your on it” he says and just like that I am a crazed manic trying to finish everything and pack to leave my home.


I then thought what about my trip to L.A/Vegas on the following Tuesday? We’d been planning this for months…dam! Okay I started packing as of I was going to go on the trip. How’s that for putting it out there.


I decided to call the airport because the winds were kicking up and I was afraid I wouldn’t get on the last flight out, sure enough they had one seat left, I took it and ran out the door but not without one last look around my beautiful home, I have put such hard work into it, I said one last prayer that it would still be the same after the storm.


I got to the airport, no traffic, right through the lines….and here I am in Orlando with my niece.


And now the wait continues….


Check out part 2 tomorrow


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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