All different kinds of friends

As I always say I am truly blessed to be able to have so many wonderful friends in my life. I have all different kinds of friends, I have my work friends, friends that along the way I had worked with at one time or another and even though I no longer work there, I got something out of that job, a great friendship.

I also have my church friends these incredible people I’ve meet when I started to go to the Faith Center, that opened up their arms and took me in, helped me when I was broken and at the lowest place I have ever been, these friends  helped me find my way.

I have friends I’ve meet along the way since I’ve moved to Florida, who were there for me when I missed home so bad I cried every night, they gave me hope to know you can start over and you still have enough love in your heart to give to new friends. 

And then. ..well then there are my home town friends,  my life long friends who have known me for all of my life and still like me in spite of that!They know my secrets,  they know my dreams, they seen me fail and the cheered my victories. 

They put me in my place and remind me of where I come from. I have come to rely on them for advice,  laughter and the joy they bring into my life. 

I speak to them almost every week, some almost every day and we hang out as much as possible,

I also have a lot of friends that are around the country that I get to be involved in their lives through this wonderful thing called Facebook, I get to see their children,  I get to cheer them on and be there from a far in their sorrows, and even though we don’t get to see each as often as we would like we are still connected and for me that is a wonderful thing.

So this morning I want to shout out to all of incredible friends, my life is so much fuller because you are in it ! Thank you for always being there for me!



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