All I pray for is that I may matter

I pray every day that I may matter…. that one day when I am no longer here that the dash on my tombstone between my birth date and the day I was called home is about what I did here on earth,did it matter? Did it help someone? Was I a blessing to others.

The dash is the most important thing on there, where you kind to strangers, there in a time of need for friends, gave with a pure heart these are the things that are important, that matter in life.

It’s not about how big your house is, what kind of car you drive,the designer on your ass! Trust me I have been there and the price of yourself is way to high,peanut butter and jelly tastes so much better with freedom.


I hear people all the time say “I wish I could win the lottery, I would buy a big house, a bunch of cars,a boat, motorcycles ect ”

What I say is “do you know how many people I could help with that money?” I know first hand money doesn’t buy happiness, what you do for others gives you true happiness, there is no better feeling than giving of yourself.

One day my dream is to open a women crisis center so that I might give back and show women that they are strong enough,beautiful enough ,tough enough to do anything they set their minds to.

I write this blog to try to inspire others, this is what I want my dash to stand for… what do you want hour dash to say about you?

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