All we need is love

Treadmill Treats Monday message

Love is all you need

Love is one thing we owe to people.
Love is the greatest gift we have and the greatest gift we can share.

Some people are dressed up, with clothes they haven’t paid for, with hatred in their hearts, they are miserable, they have no love in their hearts.
Yet they go around and preach the bible and their faith, when the truth is God said love is the greatest thing, it is the one thing they do not have in their hearts.

Sometimes you are hurt, sometimes people will cut you to the bone and you are full of hatred.¬†You can’t see the lessons life is trying to teach you because you are blinded by hate.

I could have hated the man who raped me, I could have hated my ex husband for the years of verbally abusing me but instead I forgave them, I pray for them, I love them because they are God’s children and I can not move on and get my blessings until I forgive and love them.

Was it easy at first? Oh, hell no why should I love them, what kind of love did they show me? Forgive them really? Why do they deserve it? Did they ever once try to say they were sorry for the pain they caused me? No, not once, so why should I?
Because it is for you not them,
it doesn’t matter if they are sorry, God says you must love even your enemies.

Love teaches you that you can let it go, so that when you see your ex with another, you know you are over it, you know who you are and who’s you are, you know what that other person has, you’ve been there and you no longer ever want to go back!
You need to pray for the new person in their lives as you know the pain that is coming their way, sooner or later.

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received, be humble, be gentle and be patient. Do not hold onto anger and hatred, let it go, cleanse your heart, move on, forgive and put love in its place.

Love everyone but choose your friends wisely, that means you don’t have to have negative, hateful people in your life, you can still love them, from a far…

Remeber that forgiveness is the oxygen that keeps your relationships alive, it keeps you alive. My grandmother had such hatred and a unforgiving heart her whole life, It made her miserable, it literally sucked the life out of her and when she was around it sucked the life out of everyone around her as well.

So today my friends, remember love makes the world go around, love is a many splendid thing, love is the only thing worth living for, love will fix you, love will fix others, love is God’s greatest gift to us, cherish it, use it often and freely and never forget that God loved us so much he gave us his only begotten son. ..

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