All you need is faith…

I have realized that all I need in my life is my faith in God, as long as I have that everything else will fall in place. 

Alot of religious people scare off people who are trying to find their faith. They make it seem like you need to be perfect in order to find faith. So people think “well I’m not perfect so this won’t work for me” and walk away.

Steve Harvey always says “you will never be perfect so quit trying!” And he’s right, its not about being perfect, its about trying to be the best you, you can be, that’s all.

Its about getting to the place where you can find peace and joy because you have faith and you know no matter what storm you might go through, you will hold on to that faith and know it will be alright. 

You will look at your bad times and think “what is the lesson I am suppose to be getting from this or this test will be for my testimony” and you will not lose hope.

When your business is not going as you would like it, when your salary gets cut , when you lose your job, you will stay calm in the storm because you know you have deep faith and you know God will provide for you.

Maybe your stressing over your kids, your love life or your family. You don’t know what to do and its tearing you up inside.

To some of you , you might be saying “well shes in a dream world, what I am not going to worry, yea right who’s going to pay my bills , she has lost her mind”

When its just the opposite,  I have my mind, it is clear,I chose not to worry about things I cannot change, It is better to make myself sick , worry, have stress? Are those things going to make it better?pay my bills?get me more money? No it won’t,  but if I keep my faith, pray and know it will be okay,  I might be in the same situation but I feel peace , I am calm, I can hear what is to come next and I am more open to things I have never thought about before.

Sometimes life has a way of making you slow down and take a look around , to make you appreciate what you do have, it is all the way you look at things.

So my New year’s resolution is to “pray and let God worry” a wonderful quote from Martin Luther King.  And each and every day I do just that. 

Try it ,it is amazing how it can change your life!

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