Am I always inspirational?

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Am I always inspirational?


The other day I wrote about how someone blasted me because they read one blog and it wasn’t inspirational. My cousin Carol, God love her, always tells it to me real and she said “Well you do say your an inspirational blogger and that clearly wasn’t inspirational”

Wow…leave it to her to always be right as usual ¬†(Don’t get a big head cuz!)


But it’s true, I am human and sometimes I have bad days, and yes, sometimes I rant on here, I cry, I open my heart up and show it to you all. But I always try to end the blog with a message, I always see the glass as half full, I am always trying to look for that lesson, I believe everything has a lesson and we just have to be open enough to see it.


I try to be positive and uplifting but I am human I have issues, my car breaks, my girls drive me crazy, my work is slow, I got big bills, I have no love life, just like all of you and yes, I get down, I occasionally lose hope and get depressed just because I write this blog doesn’t exempt me from lives issues.


The reason I have so many people reading my blog is because I have been through so much and that I am human and I write about my pain, my issues, my falling on my face and time and time again how I pull myself up, put a smile on face and try again, how I hold on to that faith,no matter how small it might seem, how I believe tomorrow will be a better day, how I truly believe in my soul that God has great things for me.


Yes, maybe inspirational blogger is not the right title, maybe life blogger should be my new title, because yes, ¬†most of my blogs are inspirational but let’s get real, life is not all sunshine and roses,please!


No, it’s about how we face our hardships, how we overcome, it’s about being a fighter and never giving up no matter how many times you get knocked down, that’s real life.


So today my friends, I will warn you I will not always be inspirational, I will not always say it the way you might want to hear it, I will definitely be blue, hurt and sad again but I will never sugar coat it and I will always be real with you because this my friends, is real life…


“Be the change you want to see”


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