And your that negative why??

Yesterday at work we have a women who comes in and every time we see her she never has a nice thing to say, she is forever negative. 

“Beautiful day out today huh? “

” whats so beautiful about it? There’s too much pollen in the air, my allergies are acting up, I had to turn my heat on and there was something wrong with it of course now yet another thing that will cost me money , just like my car that mechanic cost me so much money, they are such thieves always ripping you off….”

At this point you have already tuned her out and your all laughing because you too know someone like this don’t you?

Yes there are so many negative people out there , they can’t seem to find one nice thing to say, my grandmother who lived with us was just like this, day after day I had to endure her negative attitude. 

I prayed “please God don’t make me like her” and God answered my prayers, not only am I not negative but I probably am one of the most positive people you will meet! Thank you God!

I dont get what makes someone be so negative,  your alive there’s your first thing to be positive about , you woke up in a home , slept in a bed, had electric and hot water for your shower and your coffee,  you have food and maybe even a car to get you to your job. Wow isn’t that more than so many people don’t have around the world? And yet your still not happy , you still feel like you have something to complain about.

Really? How about you walked to the bathroom,  you had both legs, you weren’t dragging an IV behind you or better yet having to use a bed pan.

you heard the alarm, you opened your eyes and saw the sunrise, you had vocal cords to yell at your dog.

Does none of this deserve a blessing or some praise? How many people are sick and dying that would trade places with you in a heart beat? Yet your still complaining about stupid stuff!

I don’t have time for negative people anymore,  I have a limited time here I want to enjoy every second, I want to surround myself with people who appreciate it as much as I do,  so if I avoid you, defreind  you or stop taking your calls its because I have no time for your stupidity, you are so blessed and you don’t even know it and as many times as I’ve tried to tell you, you still don’t get it and I am really sorry for you.

You are missing out on so many wonderful things, because you are too busy complaining. 

I live my life grateful and feeling blessed each and every day, I chose this, it is a choice! You can chose to be positive or you can chose to be negative it’s your choice,  chose wisely.  

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