Are you a bully?

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Are you a bully?


Yesterday I wrote about how the candidates were slinging mud at each other and how one is an out and out bully and it got me thinking about the rest of us.


So many people today are bullies, you have cyber bullies, co worker bullies, even so called “friend” bullies. Yes, they can come in all forms, even the person your in love with can be a bully.


I can’t imagine growing up in today’s world where if you do one stupid thing it’s all over the Internet for the whole world to see and everyone has a say about it as if you didn’t already know what a stupid thing you did, you now have millions chiming in.


Then there are the computer bullies, who sit high and mighty behind their keyboards and have something nasty to say about everyone even though they have never meet them or know nothing about these people or their lives. Yet they have no real balls to ever say say anything in real life but behind that screen, watch out.


I even had guys on the dating site take time out of their days to tell me they didn’t like my profile or my hair style really?? Do you not have a life? Didn’t your mothers ever teach you if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything? Apparently not!


You have co worker bullies, who make you feel bad if you don’t do something right, who will be the first to run to rat you out about anything to the boss, which reminds me of family bullies, like my cousin who couldn’t wait to tell on me and her sister for everything, all the time, it was as if she got a high out of us getting our ass beat.


Yes, even your loved one can be a bully, my ex would stop talking to me, withhold love, make it seem like I was crazy all while telling me I was useless.


Yes, bullies come in all shapes and forms and they get pleasure out of causing you pain.

It makes them feel superior when they are telling you how stupid you are.

It gives their egos a boost telling you how ugly you are. It gives them power knowing their words can hold so much over you.


Years ago I use to worry about what people said about me, I was a people pleaser. I wanted you to like me and would do anything to get your approval but those days are long over. If you have to put me down to make yourself feel better then there is something wrong with you not me.


You need to fix yourself, you have issues, it’s not about me, as I tell my girls all the time when his words cuts them to the core.


Here’s the thing, I not the prettiest, okay so what.

Is my ass big? Yeah me and more than half the world, do I have a big mouth? Absolutely but the difference between me and you is I would never say or write anything to intentionally hurt another human being and if you took it wrong, I would beĀ  the first to apologize for making you feel bad.


I want to lift others up,

I want to inspire others,

I tell my girls, their friends, my friends, even my readers who write me that there is nothing they can’t do, that they are smart and beautiful.


Why is it so hard for women to do that, you are you and I am me ( Okay grammar natzi’s go on, have a field day and believe me they do, as if I was a professor or something, please I write like I speak, so frigging sue me!)


I might not be as beautiful but I have my God given talents, we all have our own gifts, our own personality and that is what makes the world so special that we are not a stepford wives, all the same, walking around.


We can applaud others accomplishments, we can be proud and show love without being jealous or petty.


So today my friends remember what does it say about a person who has to call names to others? What does it say when you need to put someone down in order to feel good about yourself?


What are you getting out of it, that you absolutely don’t have inside of yourself?


The only time you should look down on someone is if your offering them a hand up…that’s it and especially if you want to run our country.

This is not the leader I want my children to look up to and think its okay for this behavior ever!


So choose your words wisely… choose your candidate wisely…and remember the tongue is sharper than a sword.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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