Are you a true friend?

Are you truly a friend? Can you ask yourself that question and truly be honest?Are you there through thick and thin or are only there to hear the gossip?


Will you stand up and voice your opinion when all others are against you, for a friend or will you stand in the background letting them blow in the wind by themselves?


If you found out something that would potentially hurt your friend would you speak up and tell them or would you hold back on information that might change their decisions?


Would you tell them things about a new person they were dating?

Or would you stand on the side lines waiting until they got hurt to speak up?


I am a true friend, I will be your friend till the end, my friends are the family I chose for myself,  I will do anything for my friends, when they hurt , I hurt, so I could never not tell them something that could potentially hurt them.


Not long ago one of my best friends was looking to relocate down here and I was thrilled that she would be closer, but when her current job stepped up and offered her a promotion and raise, I was just as thrilled for her, she was happy and that made me that much more happy for her, see a true friend has your best interest at heart.


Recently a friend couldn’t get over a ex I encouraged her to let it go, go out there,  date again hey all men aren’t dogs even after what just happened to me , so she went and I was so happy for her, even when I was in a painful place , I could still be happy for my friends happiness. 


Well it turned out this what seemed to be a nice guy ended up to be… yup you guessed it a dog, yup a married dog at that! Now I am as pisssed as she is because he played my friend, it was just like he played me!


Do you get this concept? doesn’t matter that it was her , shes my friend, she hurts, I hurt!


Would I have spoke up and told her if I knew or had heard he was married, Hell in a New York minute! Because I would want to save her from pain.


If your a true friend that is what you do , you sit and hold your friend as her heart is breaking and you cry with her because your heart is breaking for her! 


You are there in good times,in bad times, when she’s a bitch, when you think she’s doing something crazy and wont listen (thank you all of my true friends for this one!) If you agree with her or not, you are still there through thick and thin because that’s what friends do!!


I do not want half in friends, either your jumping in the deep end with me or find another lake, its all or nothing!


Lately I have been deleting people from my Facebook page and from my real life page, I am in a incredible place in my life and I will not be taking “so called ” friends with me on my journey, no  no only friends who will stand with me, stand up for me and when I truly need them help me stand when I am no longer able to, these are the kind of friends I chose to have in my life.


So.. what kind of friends are you holding on to? Think about it, and then make the decision to cut out the baggage that is holding you down, holding you back, the baggage that does not have your back!

Its okay like Bishop said on Sunday God will bring new builders in your life to help you built the life you want!




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