Are you grown or what?

Tuesday Treadmill Treats

Are you grown or what?

Are you grown or what? This is my question to a lot of my friends, I really don’t get it, especially when most of us are going into the second half of our lives.

The need to please is done for me, Yes, I was an addict and I definitely suffered from this disease but I  realized when I turned 40, I was done trying to make everyone else happy at my expense.

Yet ten years later, I still know people who are struggling with this disease. They are worried about what their parents are going to think or say, really? You can’t do this or that because your parents might get mad or disapprove? Your how old? Who pays your bills?

Look, I get they are your parents but this is your life and you only get one, you have to live it your way, with your mistakes and your failures, this is how you live and grow.

You worry about what the world sees, what people will think about you…what if…what would they think?

I lived that lie for 24 years, my ex was so worried about what the world thought, we had to be “on” and perfect all the time, it was exhausting.

Yes, we all make mistakes, we all fall down, we all at one time or another look stupid or do stupid things but this is how we learn from our mistakes, we are human, its okay to fail, it makes us stronger.

People ask me all the time, how do I put my whole life out here for the world to see? I am human, I am not perfect by any means, I want everyone to see themselves in me, when I fall, when I cry, when I am not so positive, when I don’t think I have the strength to go on because we all feel these things, I just have the guts to put it out there so that people realize they are not alone and that you can get through it.

You can’t please everyone, it is not possible, God knows I tried for years. You have to be happy inside with yourself,  you have to be the best “you” can be, you have to forgive yourself, your failures and learn from your mistakes.

Your parents lived their lives, its time to live yours, those neighbors your trying to impress, you have no idea what goes on behind their doors, that put together person that comes to church every Sunday,  has so many dark secrets and demons eating them up inside.

Your trying to please people and look and be a certain way yet none of us is perfect, and its killing you to keep this up, just as it was killing me.

So today my friends remember this life you have is not a dress rehearsal, its the real thing!

Get over your disease, cure yourself, set your self free,  its showtime people.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life was over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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