Are you living in the kingdom?

Treadmill Treats Monday message

Are you living in the kingdom?

Are you living in the kingdom or are you living in the world?

It is tough being a Christian in today’s world, everyone has something to say about your walk but you can’t worry about people’s opinion…don’t give people that much power over you, to control you.

The world will tell you your not a Christian because you have made some dumb mistakes or continue to make mistakes. You’ve heard it …I have definitely heard it.
“What kind of Christian are you?”

” A real Christian wouldn’t do or say that”

“Ha..what you go to church and still do….fill in the blanks”

Being Christian doesn’t automatically make you perfect…”Okay I am born again now poof I am perfect.” Yeah right!
There are some days you get up and you don’t want to do what’s right, there are some days you don’t want to hold your tongue or turn the other cheek… why? Because we are human first…

It’s by his grace that your saved..
Your thoughts are not like God’s  thoughts. ..
He love me in spite of the things I do….because of his grace and mercy, we are here… he knows we will never be perfect.

Living in the kingdom doesn’t mean your life will suddenly be perfect and all your problems will suddenly go away.
You are not perfect. …being Christian or going to church won’t make you perfect,  anymore than sitting in a garage will make you a car Please!
You will never be perfect. ..get over it!

“I’m not the light but I am a refection of the light….”

They will dog you out, they will ask you if you think you are better than everyone else  because they see your light…
Because we know who we are… and who’s we are…we not perfect but we try everyday to be perfect in his eyes…in his forgiving eyes…

You might ask why am I being attacked? Why is this happening? You did all that your suppose to do…so why is this happening?  You have to go through uncomfortable painful processes to get you to the amazing place God has ordain for your life…he has to equip you for the works of service that God wants you to do… to be strong…so that you have a testimony to tell…to help others, to tell others of how he got you out of the darkness into the light, how now your life is full of peace and joy, this is what your struggle was all about.

So today my friends live in the kingdom, ignore the haters, keep the faith, shine your light on everyone you meet, keep trying even if you fall short day after day…you are doing good works in his eyes…

“Be the change you want to see”

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