Being grateful through your storms

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Being grateful even though your storms


These last few months have been tough, I thought this was my season, that things were going good and that maybe my life was changing for the better.


That I had a season of good coming and I had left the storms of the past behind. Hey, I deserved it, I earned it, I had enough heartache, losses and tears to last me a lifetime.


Beside I am a Christian I know God cannot lie, he said he would and I believe him, so when all of these storms came at me these last few months, I felt almost defeated.


Key word here…almost…

Yes, I questioned, I cried, I had a few pity parties. I felt like I was in a 12 round fight and I was losing.


I kept getting pounded, one punch after another, over and over again.

Betrayals, hurts by friends, heart aches, been lied to, talked about, financial problems, you name it, it came at me, to pound me down.


But everyday when I woke up, I still thanked God that I was alive. Every morning on the way home from the gym, I thanked him I was healthy enough to go, that I was grateful I wasnt in my old marriage, that I was free.


I thanked him through out the day that I had a business I loved and somehow my bills were paid and I had my home.

I thanked him that my girls were healthy and happy, that we loved each other and had each other’s back.

I thanked for my church, my pastor and my church family.


At night, I thanked him for the rest of my blessings, my friends and family, small things…everything.


I told him I knew the plans he had for me…but could he tell me what the lessons were, I was suppose to be learning from these storms.


This last week taught me a lot of lessons, your still going to have losses, not everyone is like you, some people won’t be there for you and people will surprise you and will be there for you.

Big one here…you can hear a message a hundred times and yet one person can say it different and it’s your ah ha moment.


The most important lesson I’ve learned through this is that I am a fighter and I am not going down.


I will stand here with my head held up high while going through the storms because I am not going anywhere.

I am standing here waiting for my season, I refuse to give up without my reward, without my prize.


Oh hell no….I have not been beat up this many times without getting a belt…No, I am going home with a title belt that says I am winner.

I may have gotten my ass beat, I may have been knocked down, but I came back, time and time again.


I wore you down, you bet against me, you thought I was out for the count but surprise I am back, stronger than ever!


I am going to win this fight, I am going to be the heavy weight champion!

I will be standing here telling others not to give up, to never stop fighting!

I will be Rocky, the under dog, I will be screaming “God I did it, God you did…look at the payoff”

But I will never give up! Never !


So come at me, give it all you got, I am here, I am not afraid because I am a fighter, I am a child of the most high God, I am a winner.


This is a new chapter in my life, I am a changed person once again and even through these storms, I am still here, I am still believing, I am still grateful to be alive.


So today my friends remember, be grateful, even through your storms because you never know what’s on the other side, you never know what is at the end of that rainbow and if you give up now…you’ll never find out.


“Be the change you want to see”


“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”


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