Being obedient

Being obedient

I am big on lessons and signs from above, even though sometimes I am hard headed and it takes me longer to listen, eventually I get there.

Recently this message was more than evident to me as I kept seeing it over and over. I had been seeing someone for the last year, I knew it wasn’t right, I knew this was not going where I wanted it to go. I knew this wasn’t what God had for me but I wasn’t ready to let go.

I kept getting sign after sign that confirmed that but I wasn’t ready, I thought I could keep doing things my way. I kept making excuses, maybe it wasn’t really the sign, maybe things will change, maybe I could keep having fun until what I really wanted came along.

When I kept getting sign after sign, when each talk was just like the last talk, when things never changed, I realized this was not going where I wanted or needed it to.These were definitely the signs I needed to hear and listen to.

The signs kept saying he’s blocking you from your blessings, no-one else will come into your space, this is not for you, let it go.
I couldn’t let it go, I had feelings, I told this man my hopes and dreams, I invested a year into this, we had amazing chemistry, amazing… how could I walk away? So I prayed to God to let this go, if this wasn’t for me close the door, take these feelings away that I couldn’t do myself and let me move on to what was suppose to be mine.

Every day for weeks I prayed, yet everytime he called I caved, I was drawn to him like a moth to a light, so I prayed more for him to give me strength. When I finally said enough is enough, I stopped calling him and funny enough he stopped calling me. He was always a tit for tat kind of person so I figured that’s why. Then after 10 days he deleted me from social media and I was mad, my cousin said “You should call him ask him why? What the hell”

But I said “No, I prayed to God to close the door, he closed it the way he saw fit, I cannot go banging on that door to open it, I have to let it go and move on like I prayed for, no matter what the reason is I don’t need to know”

Well being obedient says alot because a week later, I got another full time client, I got into a master’s program for public speaking for close to nothing, I got a job ghost writing a business blog and a ex friend who borrowed money¬†from me and then stopped talking to me for a year called me up out of the blue to pay me back the money, exactly what I needed to pay my taxes this year.
Don’t tell me God can’t or won’t do it, if your obedient.

The other night I was asked out on a date, I was debating on going but I had alot of work to do for this masters class, I prayed and during a break I went on social media and the first thing I saw was this meme that said “Focus on you, focus on what you want to make yourself better, eventually everything else in your love life will come to pass better than you ever could dream of”

Ha! Now that was a sign and so I was obedient yet again, I stayed home and worked. This is going to be my breakthrough year, a year of restoration just like my Bishop said it will be.
I am believing God for amazing things, for a change that will blow my mind but only if I am obedient, if I trust him, if I learn my lessons, if I ask him first and then listen.

This is yet another lesson I needed to learn to move on to the next stage of my life, to know I am worthy of more, to not settle, to listen, to watch for the signs and to be obedient.

So today my friends remember you need to listen, to see the signs, to pray for guidance and then not be as hard headed like me and be obedient.

“Be the change you want to see”

“And just when the caterpillar thought his life over…he turned into a beautiful butterfly”

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