How did you get to be a professional Organizer?

Someone asked me how I got started in this professional organizing business I was legal assistant for many years, my boss went to jail for embezzlement and the real estate market went belly up. I was out of work for eight months when my Bishop said do what your passionate about I said to my friends “do people really pay for this?” But I had nothing to lose so I did and I tried and tried to get an ad with Groupon. and Living Social but no luck, when I prayed “God if this is what I am supposed to do send a sign and since I am dumb let’s make it clear have either one of those companies call” and the next day the phone rang and it was Groupon! I Can’t make this up! But I am human and needed yet another sign so three days later at church,  there was a  women who was sitting next to me,  crying I put my arm around her and after service she turned and says she is a pastor from the Bahamas and god told her to come here tonight, he wants me to know that I shouldn’t worry that my new businesses is going to be a success just trust and believe! I went into the ugly cry,  I had never saw this women before or since! Again I am human and dumb and a week later I get a job offer that I went on three interviews for , I so wanted this job it had a great salary,  benefits the whole package and even though it didn’t feel right, even though I prayed and got my signs I still went against Gods will and took it.

After a big whole day there they called and said they were too busy to train, it wasnt going to work out, I was devastated and cried all night, when I was done with my pity party,  the next day the phone rang and hasn’t stopped since.  Stay turned to part 2

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